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Yes you can add chlorine to a salt generated pool. But if you are using a Calcium Hypochlorite you must turn the salt generator OFF for 24 hours and premix it (1 pound at a time in a five gallon plastic bucket) then pour it in the pool. You should not have to add any chlorine tablets to the pool, however if you do it is best to put it into a feeder after the cell. However if you have to add chlorine tablets to the pool to supplement either your unit is way undersized or there is a problem with the generator.

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Q: Can you add chlorine to a salt water pool without damaging anything?
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How do you maintain a salt water pool without a chlorine generator?

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I'm asking the question on ask us anything i dont get it

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How to fix a milky salt water pool?

Test and balance the water. If your salt generator is not working your chlorine can be low, at this point you will need to add granular chlorine. Also check your stabilizer or cya, without this is your chlorine will evaporate. If your cya is fine and your chlorine is low it may be because you need to clean the cell.

Why would chlorine levels rise in a pool without adding chlorine?

The water always moves, so it looks like it grows each time you see it.

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