Can you add clorine shock to a salt water pool?

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Q: Can you add clorine shock to a salt water pool?
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What are the chemicals in pool water?

clorine and depending on certain pools salt water.

What are the relative merits and costs between a salt water pool and a clorine pool?

Chlorine has been linked to asthma in young children.

How do you shock a salt water swimming pool?

The same as a normal chlorine pool

How can you change saltwater pool into clorine pool?

Turn of the chlorinating element and start throwing chlorine in yourself. eventually the salt will come out of the pool as time wears on. or you could just replace the water to get the salt out.

What do you use to shock a salt water pool?

Same as an ordinary pool. Ask pool shop for advice.

Do you still need to shock salt water swimming pool?

no need to shock with chlorine but you still have to maintain it like you would with any other pool of water

What should be done if your Pool Service treats your salt water pool as a Chlorinated pool and adds chlorine shock to your salt water pool by mistake?

Get over it. He made a mistake. You may point it out to him nicely of course. BTW it does not hurt or he may have felt that the pool needed it. BTW there is a mode in the salt system to shock the pool thru the system. precipitation

Can you chlorine shock a salt water pool and can you add algaecide at the same time?


Can you put regular chlorine in a salt water pool?

Yes, you can use a combination of salt and chlorine in your pool. Keep in mind that it is still good to shock your pool once per week, or after a rain. Shock is nothing but a high dose of chlorine....

Do you still have to add shock each week with the salt systems?

Salt pools still require weekly shock maintenance, but not near the amount that a chlorine pool would need. There are Salt Pool Shock Treatments out there for your particular pool setup.

How often should you shock your pool?

How often to shock your pool depends on what the water temperature is and I am assuming you are using chlorine tablets as a sanitizer. If you are using a salt generator you really do not need to shock unless you are starting up for the season or you are having a water quality issue. So here are the parameters for shocking your pool. If your water temperatures are below 50� Fahrenheit you should shock the pool once every 4 weeks. If your water temperatures are 50-69� you should shock the pool every 2 weeks. If your water temperatures are 70� you should shock your pool every week. Shock your pool if you have had a heavy rainstorm where you have to drain water out of the pool. A storm like this will drop algae, food for algae and other contaminates into the pool water. Sock your pool if you have an algae or water clarity problem.

Do you shock a pool with salt water?

Salt generators make the same chemical, sodium hypochlorite, that you buy at the store. The major difference is that it costs a lot more to make than to buy it. See other posts I have made in this arena for more info.A salt water pool IS a chlorine pool. Period! IF it needs shocking you shock it the same way as any chlorine pool, by adding more chlorine either by manually adding it or setting the SWCG to the boost or shock setting.

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