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no, you have to have a 21 or a 3.0 GPA

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Q: Can you apply for Tennessee Hope Scholarship with an 16 ACT score?
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What is a good score in IQ test?

The average IQ is 100. My IQ when I was tested when I was 7 was 134. So I'd say anything over 100(average) would be a good score. Hope I helped!

What IQ do you require to enter mensa?

Because of differences in test score interpretation they no longer accept just an "IQ Score" from a test. Candidates for membership in Mensa must achieve a score at or above the 98th percentile on a standard test of intelligence. This means that you must score as well, or better than 98% of the people taking the test.The reason that they no longer accept a simple "IQ Score" is that the standard deviation of one test is not equal to other tests. This being said it means that there is really no way to compare scores of one test with another. People may score 140 on on test, but score 130 on another totally different test. There would be no way to compare these two scores to interpret which score was higher. Some tests maximum score is less than another test's maximum score making it appear that a person scored lower than other people who took the other test. If you scored 140 and I scored 170, but we took totally different tests you may have actually scored higher than me. If your test maxed out at 145 score and mine maxed our at 300 my score would then appear to be significantly lower...Hope this helps...

Is 141 a good IQ score for 10 year old?

yes it's above average because average is 100 and over that is considered "bright." Also, it depends on the IQ you took. If it was on the internet, it's probably inaccurate. Better to get one from a trained person. Also, did you take the IQ and get the score from the same website? That is something big as well. Hope this helped!

What's the average IQ for 11-year-old girl?

I am a 13 year old girl (Gender should not matter) and my IQ is 110. I know you should not have an IQ score of over 160, which is Albert Einstein's IQ. :) Hope this helped :)

What IQ score would indicate an eight year old boy is gifted?

anywhere over the IQ of 100 because the IQ of a 12 yr old is 150 but it is also differed by mental age divided by chronological age i hope this helped

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What are some scholarships for Tennessee Tech?

"There is the TTU scholarship that you can apply for. There is also the Tennessee State Scholarship, as well as the Hope Scholarship (that you can get $2000 from if you qualify)."

What is the best scholarship to apply for?

Try to apply for something that your child is good at so it would be to his advantage a bit. Good luck with the scholarship!I hope this helps with answering your question. enjoy your day!

How much does Hispanic Scholarship cost?

Scholarships are free. you just apply and hope you are selected.

Does the University of Tennessee-Knoxville have a full ride scholarship?

The Chancellor's scholarship is the highest scholarship at the University of Tennessee. It is $5000 a semester. If you qualify for one of these top notch scholarships, you can procede to the final round. You will go to a banquet in the Spring before freshman year and interview for more money. The top scholarship is about $8000. With in-state tuition, hope scholarship, and the chancellor scholarship, it is possible to get a full ride to UT.

When was HOPE Scholarship created?

HOPE Scholarship was created in 1993.

How does one get scholarship for study abroad?

apply for an existing scholarship scheme find a sponsor at home ( government, philanthropists, industry) get in touch with a few of professors of the foreign unis where you want to study, explain them your research interests.......and hope they sponsor you

What are two scholarships?

Alvin Cox Memorial Scholarship Hope Scholarship

If you have an expired drivers license in Michigan how do you apply for a license after moving to Tennessee?

Since you license is expired you'll have to take the drivers test like the teenagers. Try getting your license renewed in Michigan and then transfer it to Tennessee. Hope this helps.

How do you get a HOPE Scholarship?

you have to do really good in school. go on their website to check it out

What is the HOPE scholarship?

Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally (HOPE). They are state funded program that award's scholarships, grants and/or offers low interest loans to students who qualify under established guidelines. HOPE Scholarship's and the Federal tax credit pertaining to HOPE, are two entirely different issues.

How many counties are there in Tennessee?

There are 95 total counties in Tennessee. I hope I helped you and have a great day!

What are the best scholarships for law school?

the best scholarships you can get are to go to colage and do the hope scholarship