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Can you bathe a pregnant bunny?


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You don't want to bathe any rabbit

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Yes, you can and should bathe while you are pregnant.

Yes about every month but after you bathe your bunny make sure you dry them off very good or they'll get sick and die.

You don't. Bunnies bathe themselfes.

You can bathe in warm water but not suppsed to bathe in hot water.

You only have to bathe a bunny if something is wrong -- for example, if it's sick, or if it got into something messy. Healthy rabbits keep themselves clean. Baths can be very dangerous for rabbits! See the related question below for details and links.

There is no reason to bathe your bunny unless they get diarrhea or fall into something nasty. You can bathe them with mild (baby shampoo) and dry them thoroughly. A hair dryer on cool is excellent if they will let you use it. Keep them inside until they are completely dry.

No, it's not wise to bathe a pregnant dog in flea dip

Well, bunnies usually get pregnant 3 months after giving birth, but it really depends on the situation thay the bunny was in when she got pregnant.- Agamer23

Yes, but you must be gental at all times.

The maxamum age for a bunny to reproduce is 3 months old.

you could press gently on about it's stomach and if you feel circles then your bunny is pregnant but even if you dont feel circles theres always a possibility that your bunny still is pregnant

No, you need two rabbits - a male and a female - for the female to get pregnant

if its feet are big and it poops alot

No and it is better to not because of the stress for the guinea pig.

I think you are aloud to because if they were wild, they would hop in wet grass in the morning. If you are going to bathe it, it would be alright. Just don't soak it on purpose or it will get sick. If you are to bathe it, bathe it in warm water, not too cold or too hot. Hope I helped you!

It could be 5 months old and pregnant but it depends on the maturity

Harmony (the pregnant person) was played by Katharine McPhee.

Yes, make sure she does not get chilled after.

Rabbits can get pregnant at around 4-6 months (depending on breed) However the minimum age a bunny Should be before breeding them is One Year!

6 to 7 months old but some as early as 5 months

You can bathe a pregnant cat but be sure to read the label of the shampoo to make sure it is safe for pregnant cats. You can ask your vet for a safe shampoo to use for your pregnant cat.

ANSWER It means that the bunny is pregnant! Congratulations!

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