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Q: Can you be pregnant if one of the lines on the test was really light gray?
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What color black and gray make?

really dark gray or light black

Can a yellowish sperm get a woman pregnant?

Yes semen is not always white, it can be gray and light yellow.

How long are gray wolves pregnant?

Gray wolfs are pregnant for approx 60 to 63 days

What color is the opposite of gray?

The opposite to gray is gray dark gray is light gray ;)

What color is titan and how was the color created?

A really light gray. The color was created by space dust.

What is the opposite color of gray?

Gray is a neutral color. The opposite to dark gray is light gray.

How do you make gray from light purple?

you just keep making the purple lighter and lighter and then when its gray you have turned light purple into gray

Does gray glow in black light?

Light gray or silver generally do. Dark gray tends to not light up like white or silver do. Most light colors glow a little under black light, though.

What colors can cat's fur be?

Cats fur are in many colors, such as: Black, white, orange, sriped, yellow, gray, light orange, brown, light bown, light yellow, light gray, and dark gray.

Are there any white Wild Horses?

horses aren't really white, some may be really light gray, but there's no such thing as a true white horse

What Are the gray dotted lines surrounding an object?


What colour is oatmeal?

Light gray or light tan.

What colors turn purple gray?

How can i chang my purple to light gray

What does Ferncloud look like?

She is light gray, with splotches of darker gray.

What color do you get when gray and cream is mixed together?

a lighter gray or a light taupe

What color matches gray?

really anything matches gray exept different shades of gray together:)

How long can a gray wolf be pregnant?

Their gestation is nine weeks.

What is the color shade?

a light gray

What color is soapstone?

light gray

What are the color of all sharks?

Sharks can be practically any shade of gray (blue gray, dark gray, light gray, etc.) and they can also be black.

What color shirt will match light gray pants?

a black shirt with a gray design

In these lines from and Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray what does the speaker suggest about the need to be remembered after death?

What lines

Is the color light black or gray?

no, light black... -.- OF COURSE ITS GREY

Does gray match blue?

Absolutely! Gray can look dark, so make sure both colors are light to avoid yuckyness. My room is light blue and gray and it looks great. Hope this helped!

I used gray primer on my walls. Can i still paint my walls a lighter color say light yellow or will that gray dull the color?

If it's the standard light gray primer it should be alright.