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Yes, you can be pregnant, your period stops after pregnancy, if you recently had sex and your period stopped early you probably are pregnant.

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Q: Can you be pregnant if you normally have a period for 7 days and you only had it for 3 days this time?
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If your normal days of period is 5 days and it only come for 3 days are you pregnant?

No, this does not mean that you are pregnant at all. Pregnant women do not have normally there period when they are pregnant!

Can you still be pregnant if you were 2 days late and your period only lasted 2 days?

there is no way you can have your period and be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant your last period wasnt like you normally get .you usually bleed for 7 days but last period was 3 days?

Not likely. Some periods are longer, some shorter. The fact that your period was only 3 days is normal. They will vary.

Can I be pregnant if you had unprotected sex three times on one day and you end up getting your period that same day four days early And my period only last for 2 days when it normally last 4 days?

yes you can still be pregant with your period but your period will be irregular

Can you be pregnant if your period is normally 5 to 6 days and now three months has passed and each month they get shorter now they are only 2 to 3 days long am i pregnant?

You can't be pregnant unless you've had sex. It's unlikely you'd have any period 3 months into your pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you are on the pill but your period was a week late and was light and only lasted for three days when normally it is regular?

Its possible you may be. Do a test.

You had unprotected sex on 724 and got your period 725 your period only lasted 3 days when its normally 7 days and you had sex 83 now you are pregnant Which day did you conceive?

8/3 most likely

If your period is only 4 to 5 days long can you get pregnant 2 days after your period?

yes you can

If your period lasted only for 3 days could you be pregnant?

No. If you were pregnant you would'nt have gotten your period at all.

You got your period the other day but had signs of being pregnant and you only got it for two days and you normally get it ofr 5 days could you still be pregnant?

yes some woman still have some bleeding while they are pregnant. Yes you could still be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

If you have unprotected sex on your most fertile days but get your period for 2 days only can you be pregnant?

No. that means you are not pregnant

What time during your period is the best time to get pregnant?

You almost cannot get pregnant during your period. The human menstrual cycle is nominally four weeks. Starting with the first day of your period, normally you will become fertile on about day 14. Your fertile period thus is at exactly the opposite end of your cycle from when you are menstruating. This does not mean that you cannot get pregnant from having sexual intercourse during your period. Normally, menstruation is 14 days after the start of your fertile period. If you have a short cycle, say 22 days, and your period is the first four days of that, and you have sex on day 4 of your period, when your fertile time starts on day 8 it will be only four days since you had sex. Sperm can live up to 6 days, and so it is possible that you will become pregnant.

Is a womens period the only time she can get pregnant?

No. You can get pregnant anytime but the best time is about 14 days before her period.

Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted 2 days?

No , you cant if your period on

Could you be pregnant if you got your period but it was only 3-4 days long and its normally 6 days long and then you got cervical mucus right after your period and noramally you get it 10 days after?

i don't think you need to worry as long as you got your period. how long your period is and the cervical mucus can vary depending on a lot of factors.

You are on the nuvaring birth control you have only had it in for four days but you have had your period within those days Is it possible for you to get pregnant since you have had sex for three days.?

good new is you had your period meaning you are not pregnant.

Can you get pregnant sixteen days after your period ends?

Nope. In general, you can only get pregnant if you are ovulating.

Is it possible to get pregnant if one gets only 2 days period?

yes you can get pregnant if you get your period no matter how long the menstrual cycle lasts

Your period only last 3 days the past two months could you be pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant, your period will not come until you have had the baby.

You were late by 2 weeks for your period and did 5 pregnancy tests all negative but when you had your period it only lasted for 2 days when it normally lasts for 7 days is it possible to be pregnant?

heres the deal yess u can be pregnant. that's how i found out i was pregnant with my little boy 2 years ago. but you could also juss not be pregnant once so ever get a blood test to find out for sure

Can you have intercourse then have a period few days after then next month when your period is due it only lasts two days and is really light can you be pregnant?

if your first period was normal and then your next period was not normal for you then you could have got pregnant between the months

What if you missed your period last month but it starts four days after can you be pregnant?

Your question is confusing. If your period was only 4 days late then you're not pregnant. Anything can cause your period to be delayed like stress and exercise

If your last period was light and only two days but the period your on now is heavier and longer could you be pregnant?

i had my period for two days last month and now i think i have it but i also think that am pregnant what do u think about this

If you had your period but only for three days and it loked brown are you pregnant?

it is a possibility

3 days normal period 4th day STOP 5th and 6th day brown spotting are you pregnant?

No your not pregnant. You can only be pregnant if you miss your period completely.

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If your normal days of period is 5 days and it only come for 3 days are you pregnant?

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