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If you've had sex, you can be pregnant. The best way to tell is to take a home-pregnancy test and if you get a positive result to go to your doctor to confirm. There are many different symptoms of pregnancy, but these symptoms can indicate other medical issues as well. The surest way to know is to visit your doctor.

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Q: Can you be pregnant if you only had the lower backpain symptom?
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If you are a few days late and have had diarrhea could you be pregnant?

yes, that was the only symptom i had with my baby..

Can you be pregnant and the only symptom you have is pregnancy cramping?

Just wait until you miss a period

Can you get a metal taste in your mouth when pregnant within a week of conceiving and that be the only symptom?

Symptoms normally occur at 2 weeks at the earliest, but since this is a very common symptom, you could be pregnant. Is there any way that you could have gotten pregnant before then?

Are you pregnant if the only symptom you have is yellow mucus discharge and what is this?

this is not a usual sign that you are pregnant this could be many reasons why you get this. you should get in touch with your doctor and talk to them about this problem.

Is feeling exhausted out of no where a sign of pregnancy?

It could be. But if that's your only symptom I wouldn't say you were pregnant. There are endless things that it could be.

You are not pregnant but your nipples hurt only when touched by your partner?

Nipple soreness can also be a PMS symptom. It doesn't always happen if you are pregnant, it could happen before you have your period as well.

What is the only symptom of primary amenorrhea?

The only symptom of primary amenorrhea is delayed menstruation.

Can you get pregnant with only 1 percent good sperm?

You can, but the lower the percentage the lower the chance.

Could backache be a pregnancy symptom?

oh yes it can. i had, had a backache for about a week. but i thought it was due to me starting a new exercise program. well turns out i took a pregnancy test as a joke. i was pregnant. my backache was my only symptom. i was 6 weeks along.

Is itching a symptom of a yeast infection?

Yes, itching can be a symptom of a yeast infection. That is not the only symptom but could be an indicator.

What is the only symptom that some babies with meningitis may have?

Some infants with meningitis have seizures as their only identifiable symptom.

Do you have to have all of the Signs to be pregnant?

No, you dont have to have any set of symptoms to be pregnant. Some women have no symptoms at all! Some women's only symptom is that they do not have a monthly period. Some women have all the major symptoms of pregnancy. Both are completely normal. If you are unsure if you are pregnant though, please see your doctor for a test.