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If his sperm REALLY doesn't work, then no, you can't get pregnant. But then again: how is he sure his sperm doesn't work?

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I am 4 weeks pregnant but my boyfriend says he never came in you how did i get pregnant?

If he was 'in' you, you can get pregnant. Whether he ejaculated or not, his pre-ejaculate contains sperm and all it takes is one of those to fertilize an egg.

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend was inside you and says he didn't ejaculate and your period is late?

If he was in you, you could be pregnant. Whether he ejaculated or not doesn't matter, sperm could have been present.

Does Anton Hysén have a boyfriend?

He says on Instagram that he has a boyfriend, but doesnt say who.

How do you know if your pregnant if you don't take the test and your boyfriend says that he didn't cum?

Just because he didn't ejaculate does not mean there was not sperm present. Take a test.

Should you stop chasing a girl because she says she has a boyfriend?

if she says that to you, she obviously doesnt like you

Does queen latifah have a boyfriend?

No she doesnt have a boyfriend or a husban she is single but she is happy being single she says to the world

What if your boyfriend says no to birth control?

Then you would have to decide whether you want to get pregnant or not.

Your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend and he says he doesnt like you anymore how do you no he is telling the truth?

if your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend then thats okay for them but if your best friends boyfriend says he doesnt like you anymore then he may not because you can always tell weather someone likes you when they call you names. if your best friends boyfriend does that then he odviously likes you

Does Slena Gomez have a boyfriend?

she says she doesnt but almost every one is questioning if she is dating Taylor lautner

What does it mean when a girl likes you then you ask her out and she says im not looking for a boyfriend?

One of two things: 1. Exactly what it says she doesnt want a bf. or 2. She doesnt like you and is interested in someone else.

What does it mean if you ask a girl out and she says she cant answer that right now cause she has a boyfriend?

It means she has a boyfriend, and she doesnt want to cheat on him but she might still think about going out with you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says i think you're the right girl for me?

He thinks your the right one but he doesnt actually know.

What do it mean if your ex boyfriend says lets be friends with benefits?

Is when he wants to kiss you and all that but doesnt want to go out with you

What do you do if your boyfriend says they love you but doesnt show it?

He is not the one for you, you deserve a boyfriend that can say he loves you and shows it, believe me there is a boy out there but the guy your with is just not the one for you. And you could do much better.

What if your new boyfriend doesn't have time to spend with you?

if you boyfriend wont spend timw with you ask him bluntly to if he says no ask him why he doesnt what to , he he loves you he should spend time with you anywayz.xx

You had deep physical relation wd your bfbut he says he dint release spernswil you get pregnant?

Unless you or your boyfriend used some type of contraceptive (although your boyfriend says he didn't release [ejaculate]), there is always the probability of becoming pregnant from pre-ejaculation. If you don't want to become pregnant, abstain from sex without a contraceptive.

How do you stop fighting with your boyfriend?

tell him that ur tired of fighting and if he says sorry then you say sorry and if he doesnt then brek up with him

Can sperm cause a miscarriage while being pregnant?

No. Sex is encouraged during pregnancy unless the doctor says otherwise.

If you are 14 and pregnant can you move in with your boyfriend when his mom says you can?

It depends on how old your boy-friend is and your state laws regarding that.

How do you tell if your boyfriend has another girlfriend?

If every time you wanna go ut with him he says oh I cant If that doesnt work follo him

How do you know when your boyfriend likes you?

just ask him honestlydo u love me if he does not answer he doesnt if he says yes ask one of his friends davidlee your welcome

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