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If you were only an authorized user and not a joint account holder, you should never be responsible for the primary account holder's debt.

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Q: Can you be responsible for the primary user credit card charges even when you were removed from being an authorized user?
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If a person has been added as an authorized user in the past on a credit card and the primary card holder has requested they be removed as an authorized user will the account discontinue being reporte?


Can dismissed charges be removed from records?

Dismissed charges are charges that have been dismissed by the state or government. These charges can be removed from your record.

Why does your ex still see your credit items on her credit report?

The ex could have been an authorized user on the account or a co-borrower. If you are the primary user and the ex was only an authorized user, you can call and have them removed.

If you are on a spouses card as an authorized user of a credit card and not responsible for the debt and not charging and want to be removed will your credit score go down?

i just want an answer

Would an ex-spouse be responsible for credit card debt even though his name was removed from the account and the charges were made after the divorce?

If he is not on the account he is not responsible for the debt, even if he made charges. If the charges were made without the consent of the account holder he could be guilty of a fraudulent act. Whoever's name is on the account is the one who owes the debt.

When will being removed as an authorized user show up on your credit report?

In general, those becoming "authorized users" will not have changes made to their credit report unless (1) they become an authorized user of a company card and that company requires employees to take personal responsibility for charges or (2) they become a joint account holder, making them responsible for all charges. So, if one falls into one of the above camps, the time varies based on the frequency with which the issuer chooses to inform the credit bureaus. Because "authorized user" status does NOT change the liability of the account holder, these types of credit report transactions are not priorities and may take place a few times per year. Wait three (3) months and re-review your credit reports. If the "authorized user" does not disappear, dispute the tradeline with the appropriate credit bureau.

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Domestic Violence is one of the charges that cannot be expunged from your record.

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What is the statue of limitations for felon charges in state of Virginia? What are the steps to get the felon charges removed from record?

Is there a way for the cosigner to be removed as cosigner if primary owner defaults?

No. The purpose of requiring a co-signer is that in the case of a default by the primary borrower, the cosigner has agreed to be fully responsible for the loan. Therefore, if the borrower defaults, that's what you're there for if you're the cosigner.

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