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If you were only an authorized user and not a joint account holder, you should never be responsible for the primary account holder's debt.

2006-08-24 14:25:19
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Q: Can you be responsible for the primary user credit card charges even when you were removed from being an authorized user?
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If a person has been added as an authorized user in the past on a credit card and the primary card holder has requested they be removed as an authorized user will the account discontinue being reporte?


Why does your ex still see your credit items on her credit report?

The ex could have been an authorized user on the account or a co-borrower. If you are the primary user and the ex was only an authorized user, you can call and have them removed.

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If you are on a spouses card as an authorized user of a credit card and not responsible for the debt and not charging and want to be removed will your credit score go down?

i just want an answer

Would an ex-spouse be responsible for credit card debt even though his name was removed from the account and the charges were made after the divorce?

If he is not on the account he is not responsible for the debt, even if he made charges. If the charges were made without the consent of the account holder he could be guilty of a fraudulent act. Whoever's name is on the account is the one who owes the debt.

When will being removed as an authorized user show up on your credit report?

In general, those becoming "authorized users" will not have changes made to their credit report unless (1) they become an authorized user of a company card and that company requires employees to take personal responsibility for charges or (2) they become a joint account holder, making them responsible for all charges. So, if one falls into one of the above camps, the time varies based on the frequency with which the issuer chooses to inform the credit bureaus. Because "authorized user" status does NOT change the liability of the account holder, these types of credit report transactions are not priorities and may take place a few times per year. Wait three (3) months and re-review your credit reports. If the "authorized user" does not disappear, dispute the tradeline with the appropriate credit bureau.

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Call the credit card companies and tell them that you want her removed as an authorized user from your card.

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If you allow someone with poor credit history to be an authorized user on your credit card will it lower your credit score due to their poor history?

I was a authorized user on one of my exwifes accounts and did not realize it. I noticed my credit score was going down steadily and was not sure why. Then it made a big plunge so I checked my credit report and fiqured out I was a authorized user on one of her accounts that she had stopped paying on.I called the company and at first they would not take my name off of the account saying it would have to be settled first. I argued with them how could I be responsible for something I don't even see a statement on. It took several calls but I finally reached someone who saw my side of the story. They had trouble deleting my name from the account and had to get a supervisor involded to get me removed. My credit score jumped by more than a 100 points the next month. EDIT: This would have been a good response if the question was "Will my credit be affected if I am added as an authorized user". I think the person answering the original question got the authorized user and account holder in reverse. The answer below is correctly answers the question without confusion. Also...a couple of credit card issuers have policies that hold Authorized Users responsible for their actions and safeguard the Primary Account holders credit file. Credit scores are not affected by the actions of an authorized user. Neither can an AU be held legally responsible for the account regardless of what they may be told by the card issuer. The premise being that an AU has no control over how the account is handled as they do not have access to payment of the account or other issues such as increasing the credit line.

Will a credit card company remove your name from an account if you and your husband are separating and splitting the credit card debt and he is the primary card holder on both cards?

If you are a joint holder, no. You signed a contract that was legally binding. If you're an authorized user, then you can be removed. In fact, you don't legally even have to pay the debt.

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