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I really doubt it. Consider biting into the bone of a chicken drumstick (and that is cooked so it's even weaker), would it be as easy as biting through a carrot of the same size? The bones in you fingers would be of similar size and therefore strength of the chickens leg. So although you would have the strength to do it, maybe it would be a bit harder than biting through a carrot.

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2012-04-09 12:39:16
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Q: Can you bite your finger of as easy as a carrot?
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Is it easy to bite your finger off?

Yes you can bite your finger off, it is as easy as biting a carrot but your brain tells you not to. But why would you do that anyways.

Can you bite off your own finger?

Yes you can bite it off but why in the world would you do that.?

Why do genie pigs bite?

They mostly do not bite they nibble, and sometimes they think your finger is a carrot!

How many pounds of force can the human jaw generate?

100 pounds, if you bite your finger like you bite a carrot, you could have one less finger.

Can you bite off your finger?

ave yeard yesyou cun like a carrot

How much force to bite a person's finger off?

it only takes as much force at it would take to bite a carrot, however we have indicators in our brain that tell us not to do so.

When you feed horses carrots do you have to cut it into pieces?

Yes it is best to cut the carrot up as the horse could take too large a bite from a whole carrot and accidentally swallow it and choke which will require an emergency vet visit. You can cut the carrot into 'bite size' pieces which are about the same size as a human finger.

Do you bite a carrot with your front teeth?

That works. But feel free to bite a carrot any way you like.

What is the carrot in the World Cup trophy?

easy, the carrot is a carrot!

Can a ferret bite your finger off?

It is doubtful they could bite your finger off but they can certainly give a nasty bite A ferret would not be able to bite a humans finger off, but they would be able to bite through your finger. They have very sharp teeth and a powerful jaw that can exert a great deal of pressure.

Allows you to bite the carrot stick?

Masseter, temporalis, lateral, pterygoid medial, pterygoid are the chewing muscles which move your teeth so you can bite the carrot stick

Can you bite off a persons finger?

Yes you can bite a finger off but if you do you might become enemies with who you did it to and might vomit if you swollow it but why the hell would you bite a finger off in the first place? 0.0

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