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you can still have periods and still be pregnant

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โˆ™ 2008-10-23 15:06:08
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Q: Can you bleed for 1 day and still be pregnant?
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Can you still be pregnant if you bleed 1 week after ovulation?

It is unlikely

What if your pregnant and bleeding heavy for 1 day but no clots or tissue?

Go see your doctor or go to the emergency room. You aren't supposed to bleed when you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant 4 days of spotting 1 day bleed then spotting for the next 3days?

If you had unprotected sex, yes you could be pregnant even with the spotting.

What if you missed your ovulation day by 1 day can you still be pregnant?

NO, damage would be already done !

Could you be pregnant if you spot for 3 days bleed 1 day then back to spotting?

went to docs, got bloods done and was given antibiotics for pelvic infection.

Can you get a menstural cycle and already be pregnant?

NO NO NO a girl does not menstruate when pregnant because she is already having a baby she can still have sex and not get pregnant again though!!! When a woman is expecting 1-2 weeks before she will bleed. this is called a show this means that the baby is nearly ready to come

Can you have a positive pregnancy test 1 day after intercourse?

No. It takes 2 weeks to get pregnant. 1 day after sex the sperm is probably still swimming towards the fallopian tube.

Is it possible to fall pregnant while not menstruating?

It's not that common to fall pregnant when you bleed but it has happened but you might mean ovulating? The egg is only available for 1 day but the sperm can live inside for 5 days so if you have sex 5 days before there is still a risk. A orgasm can also make you start ovulating again. If you mean that you have never had your period before then yes, there is also a risk because you ovulate before you starts to bleed.

What does it mean if you miss 1 period and then the next month you have 1?

Its not uncommon to bleed while pregnant. If in doubt always see a doctor.

You make love 1 day to your ovulation can you get pregnant?

yes you can get pregnant

Will birth control still work if you 1 day pregnant?

Birth control prevents pregnancy; it doesn't end an established pregnancy.

How long is a snail be pregnant for?

1 day

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