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Yes, you can, but it's dependant on a few things. First, you must have enough air in your lungs to blow it up. Second, there DOES come a point where the pressure from the outside water is greater than the rubber can bear, and it explodes. That's bad for you, because the air might be shover back in your lung along with water quite violently. It'd also be very hard to blow up the balloon.


To the above...Well, yes you could. But there is no way the pressure from the outside water is going to make the balloon rupture because if the balloon is inflated, the pressure is by definition greater inside the balloon. Think of deep-sea organisms. They live under extreme pressures but doesn't need particularly sturdy bodies to cope with this. (You've probably seen those flimsy glowing jellyfish somwhere?) That's because they have a matching internal pressure that keep them from imploding. Nothing special about that, they are simply born and raised under these conditions in the same way as your body is accustomed to 1 bar of pressure. If you bring a deep sea organism to the surface quickly though, it will explode and make an awful mess.

Assuming that you would yourself be submerged to roughly the same depth as the balloon it would not be harder either, because the water would excert the same pressure on your chest and help you force air into the balloon. No matter where you are, the power needed to inflate the balloon is the same and depend on it's elastic properties. The other factors are all in equilibrium.

The one thing that differs is that you can't expect the balloon to grow as large as it would on surface level with one breath of air. If you inflate the balloon under water and bring it to the surface it will expand, yielding the same results.

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Q: Can you blow up a balloon under water?
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You take a water balloon and fill it up with soda instead of water!

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Helium causes the balloon to blow up.

Why does hot water blow up a balloon?

Hot water blows up a balloon because it is taking up space. Second, Hot water gives off extra gas to fill up a balloon quicker.

How do you blow up a balloon without blowing?

Healum and water defanatly a pump

Can Soda-Pop Blow Up A Balloon?

yes- any drink that is carbonated can blow a balloon up.

What about the behavior of gas particles allows you to blow up a balloon?

When the gas particles hit the walls they blow up a balloon

What about the behavior of gas particles allows you to blow up balloon?

When the gas particles hit the walls they blow up a balloon

What about behavior of gas particles allows you to blow up a balloon?

When the gas particles hit the walls they blow up a balloon

How can you make a balloon hover like a fish in a tank of fresh water?

Partly blow the balloon up, then add a small amount of weight to the base of the balloon.

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first you blow it then you blow it some more and then u blew it up

What do you need to blow up a balloon?

brow. its obvious. you can blow up a ballon by over filling it with air, helium or even water. you can pop it with a needle.

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the balloon that will blow up the biggest is sprite as it is more fizzer and will be big.

Suppose you blow up a balloon and then place in the freezer?

The gas molecules slow down and the water vapor condenses causing the balloon to shrink.

Which of the folowing is a chemical change A. you melt butter make cookies make a pitcher of orange juice from concentrate blow up a balloon?

Making cookies would constitute a chemical change.

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by smashing it

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blow it up

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how does mentos and soda blow up a balloon

Can a balloon blow up using lemon juice and baking soda?

Yes it can, the chemical reaction creates co2 which will go in the balloon therefore it will blow up.

Who can blow a bigger balloon a older kid or a younger kid?

An older kid should be able t blow a bigger balloon because a younger kid would have less breath and would therefore blow the balloon up slower and the older kid would be able to blow the bigger one. Also, the more air in the balloon the harder it will be to blow it up.

Why does the balloon blow up when it is on a plastic bottle with dry ice and water in it?

the vapors of the dry ice fill up the ballon with gas

When you blow up a balloon do you slightly warm the balloon?

Yes, because your breath is warm.

When air heats in a bottle you can a balloon?

The air alone is not able to blow up a balloon. When air in the bottle is heated with a balloon on top of it, the air expands due to the heat and moves and finds more space. This in turn will blow up the balloon.