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Can you breath through your nose and exhale out your mouth at the same time?


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No it is imposibleImposible i tell you!

ignore him he is wrong....look up circular breathing, Kenny g did it to sustain the worlds longest note(which i believe was 34 minutes)technically if u mastered it you could exhale through the mouth for eternity

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You breath through your nose and breath out from your mouth, you can smell from your nose and eat with your mouth!

At the same time? You are when you breathe through your mouth without pinching your nose.

You can breath through your nose or mouth.

yes i does because you breath through your nose and mouth

when you breath through your nose you catch more of the germs trying to enter your body on the hairs in your nose. when you breath through your mouth there is much less protection against germs

through their mouth or nosethey breath through their lungs and mouth

mainly just for your lips. it dries out and chaps your lips really bad * When exercising, or doing deep relaxation, it is better to breath in through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth.

The same as humans - air goes through their nostrils into their lungs (inspiration) and then out through their nose/mouth (expiration)Well, goats have lungs like we do. They inhale through their nose and then exhale through their nose. If you EVER see a goat inhaling or exhaling through their mouth, you need to find out why they are not using their nose. Some goats when they are extremly hot breath through their mouth, like how dogs pant. They cannot get as much oxygen through their mouth as they can their nose.

Through your mouth/nose when you breath.

In through your nose, out through your mouth

When you breath through your nose the air is filtered better. However, it depends on the situation. If you need a lot of oxygen quickly it is better to breath through your mouth.

They breathe through their nose and mouth

Wolves breath from their lungs (like us) breath from their nose (like us) and breath from their mouth,or snouts, or muzzles (like us)They have lungs and breathe through their nose like us.Same way you do.Through their mouth and nose.

They breathe through their trunk and mouth. The same way that we breath through our nose and mouth.

Mammals take in Oxygen when they breath inhale air through there mouth and nose, which then goes goes down the trachea and into the lungs. Then when they exhale they release CO2.

Yes, in a way. You may not know it, but when you breath through your mouth, you breath through your nose a little bit too. And when you breath through your nose you breath through your mouth (if its open). Dogs can do the same, usually in the summer, they breath through their mouths to cool off, right? So they need to smell, a lot, so during the summer they usually do both (unless its air conditioned).

You pace your self and drink enough water Improved Answer: inhale through you nose and exhale through your mouth but whatever you do DONT CHANGE BREATHING IN THIS PATTERN this will let you pace yourself and if you start only breathing through either your mouth or nose you will run out of breath for the rest of the run

How do moose breath? Through their mouth and nose, like we do.

They breathe through their nose and sometimes their mouth.

no, your lungs can either inhale or exhale, they cannot do both at the same time

Piranhas breath from their nose. What ever it breath from the mouth and nose.

The reason you should breath through your nose instead of through your mouth is because it can calm the body, slow the heart rate, and relax you. Mouth breathers tend to breath heavier and are more nervous than nose breathers.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Kinda like smell the flower and blow out the candle. :)

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