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No, nor can you travel to Cuba unless you are on military or humanitarian missions.


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They are dominoes smoking Cuban cigars, and playing baseball

For the average American, they are not allowed to possess Cuban cigars. If a person living in the United States wants to purchase some Cuban cigars, they need to purchase a license from the U.S. government to purchase any kind of goods while traveling to Cuba. It is a misconception that Americans cannot travel to Cuba. This is false. It is illegal to purchase anything (even a drink or food) without a special permit from the U.S. government.

The cigars themselves are not illegal. The importation of them into the US from Cuba is illegal because of a trade embargo the US slapped on Cuba in the early 1960's in turn for Fidel Castro siding with the Soviet Union. The embargo is still in place for some reason.

There are several brands of Cuban cigars. Some of these brands include Bolivar, Partagas, Diplomaticos, Cuaba, Fonseca, Montecristo, Cohiba, and Juan Lopez.

It does appear some of them do, at least they are labeled as Cuban on the display cases.

There are no deserts in Cuba.

Some countries may have banned them but certainly not all.

They do. They also sell some of the cheapest, nastiest cigars on the face of the earth.

Cuba was known as "America's getaway." Before Fidel Castro took over the government, Cuba was really popular for tourism. Cuba also had many items and foods that people from America couldn't easily get. Such as Cuban Cigars and some rare tropical fruits. Cuba used to be a huge ally with U.S.A.

Two birds that make their home in Cuba are the Cuban Finch and the Bee Hummingbird. Some mammals are the Cuban Hutia - The Largest mammal of Cuba who is a member of the rodent family. The Greater Bulldog Bat which got its name by its bulldog-like face. The Cuban Solendon which is almost extinct. There is also a Small Indian Mongoose which was brought into Cuba to maintain the rodent population. Some reptiles are the Cuban ground iguana, Cuban crocodile and the Cuban boa. Those are some of the animals in Cuba! dont read what that idiot wrote he wrote to much!

Cuba exports sugar,cigars,tobacco,machinery,nickel and steel.

sandwiches, cigars, a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, lolz...

The Cuban Finch, Cuban Trojan, Cuban Hutia, Greater bulldog bat, Cuban Parakeet are some examples also cuban mcatjots there fat hairy animals

No, he was born in the U.S. He spent some time in Cuba.

Cuba is not considered an industrial nation. Its primary exports are agricultural such as sugar, fish, cigars, and coffee. They do export some manufactured goods.

Cuban cigars are not, currently, actually considered "the best". While Cuban cigars were once considered among the best in the world, the industry was decimated during Castro's revolution. Large sectors of the economy, including the profitable cigar manufacture sector, were nationalized (i.e., seized and taken over) by the Cuban government under Castro. This led to two things: 1) The majority of the successful and wealthy cigar manufacturers, farmers and owners left Cuba entirely, taking their decades of experience with them. 2) The new government-run companies and farms became staffed and run by generally inexperienced newcomers. Today, the vast majority of cigar afficionados consider Cuban cigars to be of relatively inferior quality, bolstered only by "name recognition" and the general, if incorrect, assumption that "Cubans" are the best. The original, experienced families and farmers that made the Cuban industry famous have long since relocated to places like Honduras and the Dominican Republic, where the vast majority of the "best" cigars now originate. Almost all major brands such as Punch, Five Vegas, Macanudo, Ashton, Arturo Fuente, Romeo y Julieta and even Cohiba (which originally was Cuban and is still sold there by the government) originate from the above countries, and not from Cuba. The concept of a "Cuban Cigar" as being the best is an outdated, and in most cigar-fan's opinion, completely eroneous concept. With that said, some Cuban cigars that are closely associated to the pride of the Cuban cigar industry are still top notch, i.e. R&J Churhills, Cohiba etc.

Some Cuban recreational activities are baseball, basketball, swimming and diving, and dominoes.

Corojo. There is supposedly a new leaf, Habana2000, but none of the Cuban Vegas can get it to cure properly. Some growers in the Dominican Republic have figured the leaf out, but Cuban-cured H2000 is renowned for being nearly fireproof.

No. That was what led to the crisis. The crisis was that Russia was putting some nuclear missiles in Cuba as a deterrent to the bombings.

Some of the history behind the Cuban national flag is that it was adopted in 1848. The flag emerged when Cuba was trying to break free from Spanish rule.

Great Restaurants with Cuban food and they have some American they have all types great place to eat especially Cuban subs :D

some rivers you may find in cuba are Rio canimar, Rio san juan.

Birds: Cuban finch, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Trogan, Cuban Parakeet, Cuban Kite Mammals: Cuban Hutia, Greater Bull dog bat, Cuban Solenodon, Small Indian Mongoose, Pallid Bat Reptiles & Amphibians: Cuban Crocodile, Cuban Ground Iguana, Cuban Boa, Cuban Treefrog, Monte Iberia Dwarf Eleuth

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