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You can buy a car in Florida with a DUI, but you may not be able to get insurance for it.

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Q: Can you buy a car in Florida with a DUI?
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Is your insurance affected or the other person receiing a DUI and totals your car in Florida?

Not in Canada.

Who is the best DUI lawyer in Florida?

Have a look at He is a great DUI lawyer in Florida.

Can you buy a car in Florida without a drivers license?

yes, you don't have to have a drivers liscense to buy a car

If you get a DUI in another persons car can the owner of the car be charged with DUI?

No, the offense (DUI) is Driving Under the Influence (of alcohol) and it applies to the driver of the car not the owner.

Can you get a drivers license in Florida if you have a DUI in wv?


Do you need a Florida drivers license to buy a car in Florida?

Yes, a drivers license is one of the documents required in Florida to buy a car. A license can be obtained once a person has driven on a permit for 6 months.

Is a 1st time DUI in Florida considered a felony?

In Florida, a standard DUI remains a misdemeanor until the third offense within ten years.

Is a second DUI in Florida after 14 years from the first DUI considered a first degree misdemeanor?

Yes. Any second DUI in Florida is a misdemeanor so long as the DUI does not involve serious bodily injury or death. Koberlein Law Offices, PLLC

Can i get a license in Florida if I just got a DUI?


What happens after the fourth conviction of a DUI in Florida?


What has the author David A Demers written?

David A. Demers has written: 'Florida DUI Handbook, 2007 Ed.. (Vol. 11, Florida Practice Series) (West's Florida Practice Series, 11)' 'Florida DUI manual'

How do yo get a Auctions license to buy car's at the auctions in Florida?

? No sr

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