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Cyndaquil is a starter pokemon from Johto. It cannot be caught. If you complete the entire Hoenn Pokedex, Professor Birch will give you to option to choose between Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Totodile. That's the only way to get Cyndaquil in Emerald.

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Q: Can you catch cindaquil in emerald?
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Where do you catch cintquil in Pokemon Pearl?

cindaquil must be migrated from emerald version... in emerald, once you catch all the pokemon, the professor offers you one of three pokemon... you may pick from the johto starters (cindaquil, chikorita, and totodile)

How do you catch cindaquil on Pokemon pearl?

you dont

How do you get tododile cindaquil or chikorita on emerald?

catch every Pokemon in the hoenn pokedex. then talk to professor birtch and he gives you one, which ever you choose

How do you get a cindaquil in emerald?

When you complete the Hoen Pokedex, Prof. Birch will make you choose one of three Pokemon... And one of them is Cindaquil...

Where can you catch a cindaquil in Pokemon Emerald?

the only way to get cyndequil is to catch ALL 200 hoen Pokemon and get a call from the professor and he will give either a totodile, chikerita or a cyndiquil (1 only)

How do you get suicune when your starter is cindaquil?

You can get any starter to catch Suicune.

How do you catch cindaquil in pokemon diamond?

You have to trade with sombody who has heartgold or soulsilver. You cant actually catch it

What episode in Pokemon does ash catch cindaquil?

"Good 'Quil Hunting".

I have the national pokedex. where can you catch totodile in Pokemon emerald?

No, but once you complete hoenn dex, the professor will give you one of the 2nd gen starters for free!(totadile chickorita and cindaquil

In Pokemon Emerald can you get cindaquil?

how to get cindaquilYES but first you need to catch all 200 pokemos in the game and then go to professor birch at the lab and he'll give you a choice to get one out of three pokemons CINDAQUIL,CHICKORITA or TORTILEI think that you must to See all pokemons in HOEN region

How do you get cindaquil in pokemon leafgreen?

You can only trade it from another game: Gold, Silver, Crystal or Emerald.

How can you get cindaquil in Pokemon FireRed?

You can only trade it from another game: Gold, Silver, Crystal or Emerald.

Where can cindaquil be found in the early stages in fire red?

You can't catch him, he has to be traded in from another game.

Which Pokemon should you chuse Totiledile or Cindaquil?


How do you catch Suicune on emerald?

You can't catch suicune on emerald

What is the GameShark code to catch cindaquil?

my advice don't ever use a gameshark they ruin your game forever

Can you catch Celebi in Emerald?

No you cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald.

Can you catch jarachi in Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can catch Jarachi on emerald.

Where can you catch Ledyba in emerald?

No I don't believe you can catch a ledyba in emerald

How do you catch Lunatone in Pokemon Emerald?

You can onl catch LUNATONE in SAPPHIRE but you can catch solrock in emerald

Where do you catch wigglytuff in emerald?

you can not catch it

Can you catch manaphy in emerald?

yes you can catch a Manaphy on emerald. (if you have a game shark)

Can you catch Groudon in Pokemon emerald?

Yes, You can catch Groudon in Pokemon Emerald.

Where do you catch gastly in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch one in Pokemon Emerald.

Where to catch a Roselia in emerald version?

You can't catch it in Emerald. T-T