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You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

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Normaly you can't, but a use gameshark!!

You can only get a Mareep by using a Wonder Card which is used in Mystery Gift and with the Wireless Adapter that alters the Pokemon inside Altering Cave allowing you to catch a Mareep, Teddiursa, Houndour, Stantler, Pineco, and Zubat (Which is the only Pokemon you can catch without Mystery Gift.).

mareep can't be obtained in leafgreen but can be caught in emerald to trade it you need two wireless adapters and the national dex.

I don't think you can. You'd have to trade with FireRed or LeafGreen.

You can catch Mareep in Altering Cave.Mareep is not available in firered you must trade one from emerald or colosseum.

You can either catch a mareep, breed a mareep, trade a mareep or go to the global trade station and ask 4 a mareep/ Ampharos :)

You can't catch Flaafy, but you can catch Mareep at the Valley Windworks.

Stop playing Pokemon a get something better to do

You cannot catch all Pokemon in Pokemon Leafgreen, you will need help from other versions.

"How do I get an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen?"You can't catch an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen, but you can catch it in Pokemon firered and trade it.I got my Ekans at route 10 at lv. 4

You cannot catch Houndoom in FireRed or LeafGreen. To get one, trade it from Pokemon Colosseum.

Catching GSC Pokemon At The Safari ZoneAfter you defeated the Elite Four, go to the Upgraded Safari Zone. In the Safari, you can catch some GSC Pokemon such as Houndour, Aipom, Stantler, Mareep, Miltank, and more GSC Pokemon. This Unlockable works only in Pokemon Emerald.

Nowhere no hoenn Pokemon can be captured in leafgreen.

you can get a mareep under viloet city

you cant get toros on leafgreen you need to catch one on firered and trade it to leafgreen

Electrabuzz is not on Pokemon leafgreen it is almost impossible to get it with an AR

You can't get mew in firered or leafgreen.

You can only catch them in Pokemon fire red.

In Pokemon Leaf Green, you can catch Pokemon in the grass, water, or in a cave.

No. You can catch a Growlithe in FireRed in Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar island. FireRed is the same as LeafGreen so you can catch it. ;P i have 2 of them

you can catch legendary Pokemon with the help of a master ball

go to valley windworks and use your pokeradar

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