Can you change the color of text message bubbles on a droid x?

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No. You have to download apps such as, Go SMS or Handcent they are VERY customizable
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How do you change text font and color on MySpace?

What you want to do is highlight the part you want to make bold. While it is highlighted you want to right click and find the properties option or font option, then you should find it from there. thanks for your trust.

Why do people change the text color?

Some people get really bored with the same thing over and over so they change the color just to add some excitement. Or sometimes people do it just to have their words stand out.

How do I change text message settings on iphone?

Go to settings, then to general and messages. There one will see the options for text messages and the user can change them to whatever they find easiest to use.

How can you change the text color on windows notepad?

You cannot change the color of the font on windows notepad but if you click Format then you click Font... you can change the Font Font Style and the Size.. If you really want to change the color try Windows WordPad or Microsoft-Word.

How do you change color of text?

The simplest way is probably this:. blah blah blah. replace #FF0000 with the color you want to use. (

What do you add to change the background color of a text?

\n. \n. \nAssuming the text you're trying to add a background color to text within a div:\n \n\n# divname {\nheight: 100;\nwidth: 100;\n}\n\n\nlink\n\nOr do you just want a static color behind your text?\n\n\n# bluebg {\nbackground-color: blue;\n}\n\n\nOR\n\nlook at my text!\n\n

In runescape how do you change text color?

It's very simple to change the text colour. You simply use this format: [color name]: [message] For example: White: Hello! Would give you white text, saying "Hello!" . This format works for Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Cyan and White. You can also use special "effects", which use the ( Full Answer )

In WeeWorld how do you change the text color?

You cannot change the text colour on WeeWorld because it already has it's own different text set. Sorry that I wasn't heaps of help. I REALLY wish you could change the text and all.

How do you change the color of text on a text message?

It all really depends on what you're asking. Can you send a text message that has color, similar to HTML codes, so that the receiver sees a colorful message? . No. SMS does not have color codes like HTML or other website programming languages. So, a message with black letters gets interpreted as ( Full Answer )

How do you forward text message on droid?

go to your text message. touch and hold on the speech bubble with the message in it that you want to forward. options will pop up such as open messg, delete, or forward.

Can you text on the Motorola Droid?

Yes, you can. It comes with "Messaging" pre-installed, and there are several SMS apps in the Market that are good. It also has the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, as well as the touch-screen keyboard, so you have a choice of which to use.

How do you group contacts on the Droid to text?

There is an app called "ContactsGroupU" in the Android Market . The easiest way to do this is to group your contacts in gmail on your computer. On your phone, tap on the Market icon, find and download the ContactsGroupU app, and your Droid will sync with gmail and the groups will be available on you ( Full Answer )

Is it easy to text on the droid Eris?

It depends on the person. The screen is pretty small so if you have big fingers then this phone is a no go. If you have small fingers you won't find difficult to text. Go to a cellphone store and test drive it.

How do you change text color on a computer?

I had a hard time with this but changing the hue is actually easy. Glow1:(insert text here) Glow2:(insert text here) Glow3:(insert text here) although I will not give away which glow # does what but I can guarantee you it'll work.

What can change the color of the text in Microsoft Word?

1. Select the text you want to change. 2. Do one of the following: . To apply the color most recently used for text, click Font Color on the Formatting toolbar. . To apply a different color, click the arrow next to Font Color , and then select the color you want.

How do you change the text message tone on your gt-b3410?

Press menu, then go to settings. Press phone profiles then press edit in the middle. On top you will see incoming calls then two arrows. One going left and one going right. Click the right one once. Then scroll down and you will see message alert tone. Press the bar then add the sound you want. You ( Full Answer )

How do you delete messages on the Motorola droid?

To delete text messages, if using the touch screen, go to messaging. Then press the little button at the bottom that had the 4 lines (it is next to the little house symbol). When options come up, click on delete threads. But warning: doing this will delete ALL of your messages. I don't know a way on ( Full Answer )

Can the droid phone text?

Yes. You can text either using the tap screen, the slide-out keyboard, or the special function where you speak into the phone and whatever you say goes into the text (its called "Voice-texting")

How do you change the text color on Tumblr?

That is completely based on your theme. Usually, if the theme you're using permits, you are able to do so under the "Customize" page. Some themes do not allow you to change colors at all.

How do yo change the color of your message bubble on an iphone 4?

You have to change your message settings. The only colors I'm aware of are blue and green. If you have IOS 5 it comes with iMessage. This is an instant messager. If you turn iMessage off you'll get bubbles in green and if you keep it turned on you'll get bubbles in blue as long as the person you're ( Full Answer )

How do you change the text message tone on your samsung chat 335?

Go into settings (bottom left of your menu screen), then once your in settings, click on sound profiles (top of the list), then you will have all your different sound profiles, eg. Normal, Silent, Driving, Meeting etc. Scroll down to any profile (the one you use most, such as Normal) then press edit ( Full Answer )

Can you change the colour of the message bubble on Samsung Galaxy s?

You can change the color of the message bubble on the Samsung Galaxy s by going into your settings options. Click on the menu button and then on the settings button and then choose to change your themes or backgrounds or whatever you would like.

How Do You Change You Text Color On Zwinky?

you must have different servers like wanderer, etc. those people who have different colored text are whispering to you. theres really no way to get colored text. just by whisper.

How to change text color on browser?

Google Chrome search for something, anything go to the Wrench or three bars in the top right corner go to tools click developer tools go to the square on the side scroll down until you see color click the black square that is there, and choose you color you can ( Full Answer )

How do you change the color of text in Photoshop?

Select the Text Tool . Along the top of the screen,right below the main menu, is the options bar for the tool you haveselected. It should show you the font type, size, etc. The fontcolor will be shown in the small box near the right side of thescreen. To change it, just click in the box then drag t ( Full Answer )

Is the droid x the original droid?

No. The Droid X is one of the many smartphones in the Droid series by Motorola. The original would be The Motorola Droid released in 2009.