Can you close a quotation with a comma?

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You can, but only if the sentence still goes on. See example:

Then he said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you," and walked off.

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Q: Can you close a quotation with a comma?
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Do you type a quotation mark before a period and a comma?

No, the quotation marks go after the comma or period.

Does the comma come before or after quotation in return to sender?

Return to sender does not require quotation marks or a comma.

Can commas be introduced as quotation?

yes, comma's are considered a quotation mark

Where does a comma go after a title in quotation marks?

Immedietaly after the last quotation mark.

When separating a direct quotation from a signal phrase should a writer use a comma?

When separating a direct quotation from a signal phrase, a writer should not use a comma

When do you put quotation marks around a title?

you put thequotation marks after a comma and when you start a quotation you have to end it

Can a sentence that has original statement with quotation marks have a comma?


When using a period and a comma do you type the closing quotation mark brfore or after the punctuation mark?

With NO exceptions, the comma and period should go BEFORE the closing quotation mark. Always.

Does the comma go outside of the quotation marks when referring to a short story?


Do you have to put a comma at the end of a quotation if you then say 'said john'?


Is an exclamation point inside quotation marks followed by a comma?

No, because putting a comma signifies that the sentence ends outside the quotation marks and putting an exclamation mark says that it ends inside.

When you use a quotation how should you format it?

Set the quotation off with quotation marksPrecede the quote by a comma if there is an introductory phrasePlace your in-text citation between the final quotation mark and the periodAll of the aboveALL OF THE ABOVE

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