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if paroled from jail can i still collect unemployment

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Q: Can you collect unemployment insurance after you are released from jail?
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Can an you collect unemployment if you are in jail?


How can you collect unemployment for your time of incarceration?

You can't. To collect unemployment you have to BE AVAILABLE for employment. If you were in jail, you were not available.

Can you collect unemployment insurance while out of jail on bail?

No. You need to be actively looking for employment and actually available for work. If you are temporarily out of jail you fit neither category.

Can unemployment be collected to help with child support if the father is in jail?

Unemployment benefits may be garnished to collect child support, but it seems unlikely that someone in jail would be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Can you collect unemployment if you lose your job because you went to jail?

Probably not, but it might depend on what you went to jail for and for how long.

Can you collect unemployment if you were fired for being in jail?

In most situations you cannot collect unemployment for termination due to incarceration. In the state of Michigan for instance, this is the one reason you can never collect unemployment. You may, however be able to collect if the charges against you are dropped, or you are acquitted of the crimes for which you are charged.

Is it illegal to collect unemployment while in jail in Wisconsin?

One qualifies for unemployment ONLY while available to work AND actively seeking work. Folks in jail cannot work, so they are disqualified from unemployment benefits.

Can you collect unemployment if you had to quit your job to go to jail in the state of Connecticut?

I don't think you can in any state.

Can you collect unemployment in New Jersey if you are in jail?

No. To be eligible you have to, among other criteria, be able to seek full time employment which you would not be able to do while in jail.

Can a convicted felon collect unemployment?

Not if you are incarcerated. To be eligible to collect unemplopyment compensation you must be able to show that you are actively, and currently, engaged in looking for employment. If you are in jail/prison, obviously you are not.

Is it against the law to collect unemployment while in jail?

you can clam your tax returns in jail Yes, it would be considered unemployment fraud, as you have to be ready, willing, able, and ACTIVELY seeking full time employment constantly, which you obviously could not while incarcerated.

Is it legal to collect unemployment benefits while you are in jail in Ohio?

Unemployment is designed for those ready, willing, and able to work, a status which you clearly do not hold if you are incarcerated. The penalty for lying or misrepresenting yourself to receive unemployment benefits can be severe and is known as benefits fraud - it may include fines and jail time.

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