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Can you commit someone involuntarily in the state of Texas?


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April 09, 2008 1:48AM

Yes, you can. On a 51/50 bill, that basically determines they are a threat to themselves, others or both.

They can hold you for 72 hours, BEFORE, you are assigned a court appointed attorney. Your "hearing" is on the morning of your fourth day.

Unless you have a loved one fighting for you, the judge will follow the doctor's recommendation in almost all situations. If you refuse your meds, they will hold you.

If they release you, it can be done unconditionally or conditionally. The conditions, require you to return within 10 days to be re-evaluated. If found to stil be a "threat," you can be remanded for another 72-hour observational period or sent to Terrell for a doctor recommend amount of time.