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Why add fuel to the fire? I would not recommend it.

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Q: Can you date other people while a divorce is pending?
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Can you marry while the divorce appeal is pending?


How does temporary custody get set up during a divorce in Michigan?

Ordinarily, a trial court will enter "temporary orders" for custody, visitation, and child support, while the divorce is pending.

Is spouse still legal next of kin if going through a divorce?

While the divorce is pending, the spouse is still the spouse, and the legal status does not change. On the day that the divorce is granted, the spouse is no longer the spouse, and reverts to non-related.

Can you file a divorce while joint bankcruptcy is still pending?

As long as you don't have to borrow or incur debt to pay the legal and filing fees.

Is a father responsible for child support while the divorce is pending?

If a father leaves a child he should always pay, that's a horrid thing to do

What is a motion for relief in a divorce case?

A motion for relief in a divorce case is usually filed when the case is pending to get an order while the case is taking place for custody or alimony payments. They are usually temporary measures.

What should you do if your boyfriend kissed another girl while you are separted?

Nothing, but you can choose to divorce them. Separation sometimes allows you to see other people and after awhile after the separation you can choose to stay together or divorce

You are dating a married man but not yet been intimate He and his ex-wife are pending for a divorce and he says he wants us to know each other better while he is still going to court with his ex?

I know a couple that way who kept the relationship a secret till the court settled the divorce and then got married within a month!

What can you do if you are divorcing while one party has pending lawsuit?

If you want part of the proceeds, then it has to be part of the divorce agreement. However if the lawsuit was filed after separation, it may be out of your reach. Check in with your lawyer.

Can I go back to my maiden name if I am still in the process of getting a divorce?

You can change your name back to your maiden name legally as a part of the divorce decree. If you would like to change your name back while the divorce is pending, you must go through a legal name change procedure.

Can a spouse bring an action for a legal separation so that he or she can marry someone else while the divorce is pending?

If you're in the US, you can't marry someone else until your divorce is final (it's illegal to be married to more than one person at a time).

Are divorce attorneys able to ensure a more speedy divorce?

YES. It is recommended that you get a divorce attorney to ensure a more speedy divorce. They will decide what happens and can keep track of it while you do other things with your life.

Can you have live in partner if you are legally separated?

Yes. You can have a live in partner, but you have to be completely divorced in all states to get married again. You should be aware that living with another person while your divorce is pending may have an adverse impact on the outcome of your divorce. Make sure you speak with your divorce attorney before moving in together.

While pregnant can people get a divorce?

i think they should there is nothing wrong wit that

If you filed for divorce can you start dating other people before the 6 months is through?

Legally there is generally no problem if you decide to start dating while the case is still pending. To your question I would say that there shouldn't be a problem. However, I won't let your ex-spouse know of the new relationship because they could use that in court and say that this new relationship is the reason for divorce and then you won't receive any allumoni(or however you spell it) Not that it's that important, but it is if you have children.

Is it legal to date during the divorce process?

yeah it is legal to date other women while your in the process of divorce, well in new Zealand it is anyway :)

Can you get married while in the process of a divorce?

no...depends what time you get a divorce

Can a visit in JPAS be modified while it's pending?


Can your spouse deny visitation while in the process of divorce?

Not unless there is a court order in place addressing visitation. Each parent has as much right to the child as the other parent. If there are abuse or neglect allegations, the parent denying visitation for those reasons and to protect the child need to report those allegations to law enforcment and DHR/DCS immediately and seek an Ex Parte order for custody pending the divorce.

Can you divorce your husband while being married?

Yes, in fact the only way you can divorce your husband is while you are married to him.

Can you divorce your spouse in Texas while pregnant?

Texas is one of the states that will not allow a divorce while the mother is pregnant.

Can you marry in another state while divorce is pending?

No. You can only be legally married to one person at a time in the United States. All states require a person to be legally single before contracting a marriage. If your divorce is not final in one state, it's not considered final in any other state either. If you marry before the divorce decree is finalized your second marriage is null and void. You would be committing the act or crime of bigamy that in some states can land you in jail.

How do sims on sims 2 get devorced?

Have one sim cheat while the other sim is watching and they will "divorce"

Can you get a divorce while incarcerated?

You can do it.

How do you serve someone that is serving in another country divorce paperwork?

you don't. Just tell them while they are serving in the other country that you want a divorce, then have them sign your paperwork when they get home, geez.