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Can you die from NyQuil?

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Certainly! If you ingest enough of it. Oddly, you can die from dringing to much water at a time. (Gallons)

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What if i choke on a NyQuil?

You die.

Can you mix Adderall and NyQuil?

yes, and then you can die

Can youtake Ambien NyQuil and unisom?

well, yes if u want to black out and die, but if u have like a fever tha best is nyquil

Can you take amoxicillin and NyQuil pm?


What drug classification is NyQuil?


Does NyQuil contain codeine?

Nyquil does not contain codeine.

Can you take NyQuil with crestor?

can you rake nyquil with crestor

Can I take NyQuil with flexeril?

Can I take nyquil with flexeril?

Can you take NyQuil and risperidone?

Can you take NyQuil and risperidone together

Can you take NyQuil and Valium together?

can i take nyquil and valium

Will will NyQuil show up as on a drug test?

It maybe, but Thousands of people have used Nyquil and My mother has tried it and all Nyquil does to you is make you tired. NyQuil May not Show Up as a drug.

What would happen if you were to fill your hummingbird feeder with cherry flavored Nyquil?

The Hummingbirds might die...

Can you take NyQuil with Prednisone?

To date there are no significant interactions when taking Prednisone and NyQuil at recommended doses.

Is NyQuil toxic to dogs?

NyQuil contains alcohol which is toxic to dogs

Can you take Claritin and NyQuil together?

can I take Claritin and Nyquil together

Is it faster to take liquid gel NyQuil or liquid NyQuil?


Can you take Afrian and NyQuil together?

can you take Afrin and NyQuil together

Can you take NyQuil and Darvocet together?

Can you take Nyquil and Darvocet together

Can you mix children's NyQuil and children's Tylenol?

not recamended. take the Nyquil then the tylonal

Can you take NyQuil and benzonatate together?

can ypu take nyquil and benzonatate together?

Is it dangerous to get drunk on NyQuil?

You should not use NyQuil to get drunk, it is a medication not entertainment.

Can you take NyQuil will taking lyrica?

Can you take NyQuil while taking lyrica

Can you give NyQuil to a cat?

Absolutely not. Nyquil contains acetaminophen which is lethal to cats.

Can you take Gabapentin and NyQuil together?

It is advisable to NOT. Nyquil contains 10% alcohol in it.

Can you take NyQuil with Zocor?

There are no drug interactions identified between NyQuil and Zocor.