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Why would you want to? It helps keep bacteria from entering your uterus. It does not determine when you will go into labor. Some women loose theirs early and even grows back.

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2006-03-27 14:20:18
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Q: Can you do anything to help lose your mucus plug?
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How can you lose mucus plug?

if your looking to lose your mucus plug to start labour, this may not happen as you can lose your mucus plug as little as 26 weeks and not go into labour. i would highly not advise you to purposely lose your mucus plug as it is what prevents bacteria getting to the baby!!!!!!!! let it happen naturaly its much safer for your baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Can you go into labor before losing your mucus plug?

YES - not every woman will lose her mucus plug... Sometimes you dilate without dilating enough to lose the plug, and contractions and labor can start before you lose the plug!

Will walking make you lose your mucus plug?

no you will get stronger.

I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to lose your mucus plug when your cervix is closed?

well, your cervix is closed when you loose your mucus plug. When your mucus plug comes out, that means that your cervix is starting to deface and dialate.

How soon should you see a doctor when you lose your mucus plug?

As soon as possible, as losing your mucus plug can be fatal within 24 hours.

When do most women lose their mucus plug?

right before the onset of labor

Is it normal to lose your mucus plug at 29 weeks?

Was it kinda bloody too. Are you sure its your plug and not just discharge.

Do you spot before you lose your mucus plug?

Some women do depending on how sensitive their cervix is

Can having intercourse make you lose your mucus plug?

In the later stages of pregnancy, yes it can

Is there a way that you can lose your Mucus Plug and not know it?

Yes. Cause even tho you lose it most woman don't notice.

What happens if you lose the mucus plug at 25 weeks?

Usually nothing. Speak to your doctor if you are worried.

If you've already lost your mucus plug and you have strong pains in your pelvis and legs at 36 weeks pregnant could you in labor?

as soon as you lose your mucus plug you should go to the hospital cause the baby is on its way

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