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Can you do cocaine through your vagina?

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Actually you can do cocaine through your vagina. The mucous membrane will absorb it and make you feel numb down there as if you were to put it on the gums of your mouth. Some women do this right before sex to make the feeling more pleasurable.
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What do you do if the penis does not go through your vagina?

Answer . what the hell are you talking about? if its not large enough it wont, but... mabye you tring the wrong orifice?. Answer . Um. I agree with the first person. I

Can cocaine be absorbed through the skin?

Yes, but only a small amount. In tests using freebase material, only a little over 1% of a 5 gram dose was absorbed. However, this is enough for a positive result in a low lev

Can cocain get into your system through kissing?

Not in any significant amount, unless what you're kissing is visibly powdered with the stuff. actually yes some how it can be absorbed. take it from a non user a nev
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How can you do cocaine in your vagina?

well if you did do it the vagina muscles would tense up as me buddie mitchell said , but it can also wear down the tissue walls causing painful discomfort ( after you've did i
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Can you eat vagina through panties?

Not really. I have tried it and it just seems to be a waste of time for both the man and the woman. You can move the panties to one side and keep them and still eat her out.