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No. You need a licensed driver with you while you drive.


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No. You cannot drive alone on a learner's permit, period.

In Texas you can only drive alone with an actual license. If you have a permit you have to have at least an adult with you (18+) if not your legal guardians only. This is regardless of age.

You can't drive alone on a permit at any age, regardless of where you're going to or coming from. Period.

It would be fun but.... no dont do it

When driving with a learner's permit, you're required to be supervised at all times.

No. You cannot drive by yourself on a learner's permit.

no, you cannot drive alone with a learner's permit

It depends on your state. Check with your local DMV or your state's website.

No one with a learner's permit can drive alone. Age has nothing to do with it.

Not in California. Check your local motor vehicle department for that one.

Can you please tell me if you can drive to and from school if you have a Nevada permit?

No. A permit driver is required to be supervised at all times while driving.

You cannot drive alone with a learner's permit in any state. Period.

No, you can not drive alone when you have an adult instruction permit in Colorado. You will have to have a parent or other licensed adult in the car with you.

I don't know for sure about California, but in my state and all states I know of, you are required to have a licensed driver with you when you only have a learners permit and cannot drive alone. Take a look at the permit, driver's manual, or call your local DMV.

A driver with a permit can only drive if someone with a license is in the car.

You can't drive alone with a learner's permit, anywhere in the US, at any age. Period.


you dont seem to answer the question. Can a driver with temporary licence drive alone?

No, age doesn't matter when you have a learners permit. Only a licensed driver can drive alone.

No, not unless you have someone twenty years or older with you.

In West Virginia it is illegal to drive alone unless you have your license.

yes but for a only a year after you have entered US. After a year you cant drive , you need to get a Texas driving license.

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