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No it is impossible once your born a orange you stay on the tree till full development and ether get picked or die trying. Sorry Orange.

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Q: Can you dye your hair brown after dying it blonde without it looking orange?
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How do you dye dark brown hair orange red without it fading?

mix some redthen rest redadding some blonde

Why do you have curly blonde hair?

The same reason you have brown/black/blonde/orange hair. Genetics.

Does Judy Moody have brown or blonde hair?

Her hair is reddish-orange

What color hair would look on you if you have fair skin and hazel eyes with strawberry blonde hair?

i have fair skin and light brown eyes and i have dirty blonde hair. it looks pretty good for a teen. if you are older than 30, i would not change your hair color to deep brown, i would keep it the same or get blonde or dirty blonde or maybe orange/red. you could get highlights or lowlights of blonde just to keep it natural looking and not to be to different looking

What is Sarah De Bonos Natural Hair Colour?

Orange,blonde and brown

What is Sophia bush's hair color?

it's blonde-brown

What colors has Hayley Williams hair been?

red, orange, and a mixture of red/white/yellow/orange. Also blonde, and blonde with a streak of green. And brown. See their music videos

Will blonde highlights turn orange on dark brown hair?

It will if you do it yourself.My opinion, Get it done professionally.

If your hair is redish light brown will it go blonde after 1 bleach or go orange?


What is Alex Gaskarth's real hair color?

the brown that he has at this moment, without the blonde streaks.

How do you dye brown hair to blonde without using bleach?

I got highlights once and i have brown hair, i got blonde, and im pretty sure you have to bleach it but i am probably wrong.

What different colours of dogs are there?

The average dog colors are; black, tan, brown, white, dark brown, gray, blonde, orange. But dogs can be the whole rainbow.