Sea Urchins

Can you eat Black Sea urchin?

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A sea urchin is considered a crustacean. They are related to sea stars, sea cucumbers. They eat small fish and algae.

sharks eat sea urchins

the colors a sea urchin could be is black olive brown purple blue and red

Sea Urchins eat hard coral.

Who wants to eat a pincushion?

yes it would eat it verry carefuly......

On rocks and on surface of the ocean

small fish,sea weed , planton,brittle stars.

a sea urchin is a producer

Sea urchins get their food at the bottom of the sea floor to eat dead fish.

well yea it freakend hurts

We eat it raw; it is a delicacy for us.

The classification of a Sea Urchin is Echinoidea

A sea urchin is an echinoderm

Sea lions consume roughly 63% of the world's sea urchin population.

The purple sea urchin eats kelp and is getting to be something of a scourge.

There are many species of sea urchin but all sea urchins belong to the class Echinoidea.

how did the sea urchin became endengered

A sea urchin does move, but not very frequently.

A sea urchin is an invertebrate not a vertebrate

sea otter eats urchin and seaweed, sea turtles eat algae and jellyfish

The purple sea urchin is devastating kelp forests.

It has a tiny mouth at the bottom of its body.

because the crab needs the sea urchin for protection and the sea urchin needs the crab for food

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