Can you fall in love with someone you have just met if he visits you at your house and calls?

No.It may feal like love but it's more like infactuation.Thats not to say it won't grow into love.Are you sure he feels this way about you? Mr Paradise


Everyone talks as if they know what love is...You see love is everyone's own definition of if you feel you fell in love with this person than who is to say you can't be?Love is so hard to find and EVERYONE looks for it even if they say they don't.If you have found it..why let it go?Tell him how you feel and see what happens..

There is no exact definition of love. There are many different kind of loves that you can have and sometimes it will just hit you at others it takes time to let that love grow into something so amazing and you will know when you fall in love with someone it will hit you in the face..