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The first symptoms of pregnancy normally come just after your first missed period, but the most common symptom is feeling tired and having this feeling that you are pregnant.

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You may think you are having early pregnancy symptoms but there is no way to verify before your period is due, do to insufficient hCG levels.

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Q: Can you find your pregnancy symptoms before your period?
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Do you feel like you're getting your period before you find out if you are pregnant?

Early pregnancy symptoms are often the same as the symptoms you get before your period starts! ~pawsalmighty Last week, before my period was due, I had the lower abdominal pain... But my period never came....???? hmmmmm....

Can pregnancy be detected before a missed period?

Depends on timing. If your period finished a day ago, you have a whole month to find out, but if it's been three weeks since you had your period, you'll notice the absence before the symptoms. 

Is there any chance you are not pregnant even though you missed your period and have pregnancy symptoms and two positive home pregnancy tests?

No. Go to your doctor and find out what you want to do.

Your period is a day late and a negative pregnancy test result now you have light cramping is it your period?

Not necessarily. Many women experience symptoms similar to menstrual symptoms around the time of their expected period when they are actually pregnant. If you think that you might be pregnant, and you are a day late on your period, you might take a home pregnancy test to find out.

I have my period and am very dizzy with other pregnancy symptoms - can I be pregnant?

There is a small chance you could be pregnant but with your period you can get dizzy, have cramps, bloating, headaches, backaches, and feel like you are pregnant. The best way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

Is it possible to not be pregnant but really experiencing pregnancy symptoms for almost 3 weeks?

Yes, you can. Although, when you think about it, a missed period IS a symptom. I am about 6 months pregnant and have had absolutely NO symptoms. So, you should take a test just to make sure. Good luck.

If you don't have pregnancy symptoms could you be pregnant anyway?

Do not worry. Some women have the pleasure of not feeling any symptoms durning pregnancy and it is completely normal, but if you are very conserned, seek your doctor.

You have been having lower back pain and abdominal pain you went to the er yesterday and all test have been cleared for std uti and pregnancy Can you still be pregnant?

Back pain and abdominal pain are not symptoms of pregnancy. A missing period and positive pregnancy test are signs of pregnancy. See your primary care provider to find out what is causing symptoms severe enough to send you to the ER.

Are you pregnant if you have a never ending cold and vomiting and other pregnancy symptoms are involved?

that can't be answered until you have a late period and a pregnancy test then a confirmation form your doctor, until then it's pretty much a cold... find out ASAP

Hi im 20 ive got pregnancy symptoms ive missed a period and ive done a pregnancy test it came back negative but you feel pregnant what do you do?

You should see a doctor and make sure that you find out if you are pregnant.

Can a woman experience implantation bleeding and not have any other symptoms until her missed period and be pregnant?

Absolutely! Some women don't have any symptoms their entire pregnancy. I didn't have any symptoms except a dream actually lol...i took a test and voila! There are lots of helpful pregnancy sites if you would like to look up more symptoms if you are experiencing any those are just two, but you can go on any search engine and type in pregnancy symptoms or just pregnancy and you will find lots of helpful information.

Are urinating frequently and feeling tired as well as wanting to eat and feeling dehydrated considered pregnancy symptoms?

Frequent urination, food cravings, breast tenderness, bloating, headaches, fatigue, moodiness, backaches, nausea, and most commonly missed periods are major signs of pregnancy. Many of these signs are comparable to P.M.S. so please be sure to take a pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant. If you would rather your doctor draw blood to confirm your pregnancy, this may be more accurate.