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in the psp version you can fly a helicopter using a cwcheat it will be on your garage but the problem is the helicopter fly up the helicopter do not drive backwards so the garage door will close so your stuck in tha garage

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no you can not fly a helicopter or plane on GTA China town wars for the ds

You leave hapiness island and you fly back to liberty city, where you get out and then the mission is over.

In my opinion China Town Wars. Get GTA IV.

You can buy a helicopter in Moscow.

a cheat that u can use on gta china town wars

Grand theft auto china town wars

Helicopter Wars - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

keep on driving to the east (left on the map)

you get the sword by doing this one mission for Hsin Jamoming.

GTA Chinatown Wars has an "M" rating for 18+ years.

you can only get a helicopter on a mission and that is the only way.

with action replay. use these codes: 92222A3000000000 02222AF80000005F D200000000000000 if this doesnt work u should google it up

You have to w8 for a good wifi fix

No, I wish it was. It is on Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

On iPod touch how do you get motorbikes in china town

go to cccheat its a great cheat website

You can obtain a helicopter in the ds and psp version useing a mod such as the action replay.

The ISBN of The Coming China Wars is 0132281287.

there has been 18 wars fought in china

China town wars in my opinion only because i cant stand the graphics

You go home go on the laptop and hit skip level

It was used to Wars and other Important stuff

Ask your Mafia to give you one

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