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As in soul silver? Yes you can is soul silver. At the bottom of seafoam islands.

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Articuno is in the Seafoam Islands.

Its weird but you can't catch articuno in silver get one from red, blue or yellow.

go to seafoam island search for articuno wich is hard to find articuno so good luck

you don't find them in mt silver, you find articuno and zapdos in their original places; zapdos-outside power plant articuno-in seafoam islands

traded from blue &/or red

It will appear at Seafoam Islands.

Zapdos=Power plant Moltres=Mt.Silver Articuno=Seafoam islands

You find Articuno at the Seafoam Island.The one between Pewter and Cinna Town

the seafoam islands, under the stairs

u find articuno in sea foam islands. u need surf,rock climb,and strenghth.

to catch zapdos you need to beat red and at the iron works zapdose will be out side. articuno is at seafome island.

You will find it below Seafoam Islands, after you get your 16th badge.You can find articuno in seafoam island i find mine there

To get Articuno, you must have all 16 gym badges and have defeated Red at Mt. Silver. Then, go to the Seafoam Islands (east of Cinnabar Island) and go to the very bottom of the cave. Articuno will be waiting in there.

it is on seafoam island the one where articuno isn't

Yes you can but you need to beat the game first.

You can't catch one at all in Silver. You'd have to trade one from Red/Blue/Yellow.

Yes, you can. Zapdos is by the Kanto power plant and Moltres is somewhere in Mt Silver. I have no idea where Articuno is. Articuno is in the heart of seafoam islands

in my own opinion, i would have to say articuno.

They are not in Pokemon Gold and Silver. However, they are catchable in the remakes of Gold and Silver, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

im pretty sure articuno is the seafoam islands because that's where he is in Pokemon fire red, leaf green, heart gold and soul silver

articuno can be found by going to the seafoam islands, in the same island as blaine's gym. however, instead of goingup, go down as far as you can and search around there.

you need to have zapdos moltres and articuno to unlock a story with whiscash then you can go to silver trench (i think)

In soul silver, Articuno is in Seafoam Island. Zapdos is in the Power Plant. Moltres is in Mt. Silver. Hope this helped. :)

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