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Can you get HIV if someone pees on you?


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You are not likely to contract HIV from someone urinating on you.


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If someone pees on your but nothing would happen. Your butt gets soaked only.

No you can not get HIV from someone who isn't carrying HIV.

You can not contract HIV from someone who does not have it.

You get HIV from exposure to blood, semen, or vaginal secretions from someone with HIV. Getting chickenpox from someone with HIV will not give you HIV unless you had one of those exposures.

You can not get HIV by hugging someone that is infected.

You can only get HIV from someone who is infected with the virus. Someone with recent infection may test negative even if he or she has HIV.

No. Only if you have sex with someone with HIV can you get HIV.

You will not get HIV by kissing someone that's infected.

No, you cannot get HIV if the person who was bleeding in you is not HIV positive. You must be exposed to HIV to get HIV.

Yes. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Just because someone is HIV+ doesnt mean they have developed AIDS. However, if someone has an AIDS diagnosis, they are HIV+.

No, you can't get HIV if someone that is infected spits on the condom.

You might catch HIV from a cut. If you get blood from someone with HIV in your cut then you can catch HIV.

It would be highly unlikely to catch HIV by caring for a person with HIV.

No; you can not get HIV from sex with someone who is not HIV positive.

Depends on who the pre-cum is from. Pre-cum from someone who has HIV is likely to contain HIV, while pre-cum from someone who hasn't got HIV won't have any HIV.

exchange of bodily fluids with someone who does have HIV

You will need to be tested to confirm you have HIV.

If the person is infected with HIV, it is not likely via saliva only you would contract the virus. But if HIV contaminated blood is in the saliva, then it is possible to get HIV.

As soon as they test positive for the HIV virus.

yess! you can get HIV just by hugging someone

You can get the HIV Virus by having unprotected sex with someone that has the virus.

Being drunk has nothing to do with getting HIV. You get HIV if you have sex with someone who has HIV, whether you're sober or drunk.

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