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can i found likas papaya soap at targets or where can i buy it from

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Q: Can you get Likas Papaya Soap in Target?
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Where can you get likas papaya soap?


What is the original price of silka papaya soap?

Hard to find Silka papaya soaps are usually sold for around $5 for a 15 grams bar of soap. There is also Likas Papaya Soap which is less aromatic but equally effective.

What is papaya soap?

Papaya soap is made up of papaya or a blend of papaya and other fruits. It takes the top layer of skin off your face and body and makes it smoother.

What is silka papaya soap?

it is a type of whitening soap originating from the phillipines

What can a papaya soap could give us?

Regular cleanliness and some papaya smell.

What is the procedure in making GT papaya soap?


How to get your skin to be more fairer?

Yes, yogurt contains protein, sugar, 50% skinned milk, and many assorted substances found in India which are used in many skin creams, and skin care products.

Where to buy papaya soap in the city of Tampa?

you can't sorry :'(

Is the animal fat that's included in soap safe or not?

i think so, much better when you use soap that are natural, papaya soap,charcoal etc.

How do you make an herbal soap for our investigatory project?

You can make herbal soap from vegetable glycerin and it's really easy. Here's an article that gives step by step instructions:

Is green papaya good for soap making?

buy it in a shop already made

Does likas papaya soap work for black people?

It's working for me. I noticed it has made my skin tone more even after a few weeks but I stopped because I'm not very disciplined with beauty regimens and I got what I set out for, yet I do know that if I kept using it that I'd probably be even more even toned.