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If you are qualified for Medicare, the fact that you have a work related injury will not prevent you from acquiring Medicare coverage. Worker's Compensation will only pay for expenses in treating your injury that you acquired at work. Everything else will have to be covered elsewhere.

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Q: Can you get Medicare if im in work compensation?
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How would someone exposed to asbestosis apply for asbestosis compensation?

People who have been exposed to asbestosis should contact a Medicare Regional Office. If the person was exposed at work they should contact their state workers compensation board.

Does medicare work with any hmo?

yes some plan, medicare work with hmo .

What Does Compensation?

It means to offset. If you are paid for your work then you are compensated.

Why should one choose compensation work?

Compensation work is the preferable method because it will help with your livelihood. Also, compensation work provides a person with the opportunity to hone their skills.

How many government employees work for CMS medicare?

How many government employees work for medicare as medical billers

Does Workers Compensation consider arthritis work related?

is arthritis work related if you are a welder with arthritis can you claim compensation

Did social security provide insurance programs for the unemployed?

NO. The unemployment compensation program is NOT a part of the social security and medicare insurance program.

How do you use compensation?

I can give you several sentences.He applied for worker's compensation after his injury.Do you expect compensation for this work?"You may be entitled to compensation!" (from a TV advert about a lawyer)

How does no cost insurance for the elderly work?

This refers to insurance plans, called "Advantage Private-Fee-for-Service" plans, that one buys to accompany their Medicare since Medicare does not cover all costs (neither do these insurance plans). Many of these Advantage PFFS plans have a zero premium, hence they are called "no cost". They can offer a zero premium because this type of plan receives compensation from Medicare directly to provide coverage; in essence, Medicare is paying the monthly premium rather than the participant.

How accident effects at work compensation?

If an employee injures themselves on the job, there is workers compensation that will be offered to the employee. The point of workers compensation is to supplement the income of an injured person while they are not able to work.

Can you get Medicare supplement when you get insurance at work?

If you already have Medicare Part A and are enrolled in Medicare Part B, you can get a Medicare Supplement. When it comes to having insurance at work, take a look page 16 in the 2009 Medigap Book:

What is non employment compensation?

Compensation that does not arise from work performed by an employee. For example, royalty payments.