Can you get a girl pregnant if your on the bottom?


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2010-04-21 04:04:00 long as the sperm is inside the vagina then there is a chance u can get pregnant


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Both can be skydiving at the time, you can get pregnant regardless of the position as long as he is inside of you.

The bottom of pregnant belly is the pubic symphysis.

No anal sex will not cause pregnancy but it does have a high chance of spreading infection.

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

Of course a girl can get pregnant anywere.

If you ejaculate in a rubber can you get a girl pregnant

No, girls never get pregnant by a girl, different or otherwise.

Hi, A girl cannot get another girl pregnant. It is physically impossible.

No a girl cant get pregnant from a kiss so that mean you can kiss any girl and she wont get pregnant

A girl can not get pregnant through her anus.

A girl becomes pregnant when a sperm reaches her egg.

no, they would have to have sex for the girl to get pregnant.

No they can not get pregnant even tho girl have cum too.

yes she can but if you dont have sex the girl will not be pregnant.

No, it has to enter the vagina for a girl to get pregnant.

No, a girl cant get pregnant from sperm on thigh........

That's the only way a girl can get pregnant...

no a girl can not have her period when she is pregnant. some females spot while pregnant and they get that confused with their period.

Jump up and down a lot to try and shake the Seamen down to the bottom of the fallopian tubes

No it can not get her pregnant.

In order for a girl to get pregnant there must be sperm involved.

If a comdom bust and your sperm is a girl the girl is most likely to get pregnant

No, a girl can only get pregnant by sperm entering her vagina, not her stomach.

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