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The G.E.D. and a Graduation Diploma have the same value when it comes to getting jobs ... "good" jobs come with experience or additional education, including 4 & 5 year degrees.

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Q: Can you get a good job with a GED?
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Is the GED good enough?

Yes, the GED is good enough to get into a college and to also get a job.

Can I get a job at Verizon with a GED?

Yes you can get a job at Verizon's with a GED. Some qualifications are, you would need to have excellent people skills, very good at answering phones and receiving messages.

Where can you GED a job with out a GED?

you can get a job at a fast food restaurant but you have to have a reseme if you over 16....qood luck

Do you need good grades to go to the marines?

no but you need to take a (mos) job test and get a GED eventually ;)

Where can you get auto mechic job with a GED?


What is the highest paying job with just a high school education?

could someone with just a ged make good money??

What are the advantages for an adult to obtain a GED?

One of the advantages for an adult to obain a GED is that is necessary to have a GED to be accepted into a technical college. It is also a requirement of many employers to have a GED before applying for a job.

Is there any jobs that take GED?

Almost any job will accept a GED as proof of high school equivalency.

Where can I take a good GED class?

A good free site to study for your GED online is I would only recommend studying for the GED online, but taking the actual GED at a certified testing site, since most employers will not accept a GED received from online.

Do you have to have a GED or better to get a job?

There are very few low paid jobs out there which do not require a formal education, but to actually get a job which is capable of sustaining yourself for the rest of your life, you are going to need your GED or better.

Are there any tips for someone from abroad when trying to find a job in America?

To find a good job in america you should first learn and master the English language. Also, it would be beneficial to you to get a good education. You should strive for a GED at least.

Can you have a GED and be in the FBI?

Only if you follow your GED with four good years in college before applying to the FBI.

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