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Yes but they are very rare. If anything you will find it on ebay

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Q: Can you get a replacement battery for your panther carbine airsoft gun?
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What electrical things are in the handle of a dpms panther carbine air soft gun?

There shouldn't be anything, if you're referring to the only model of DPMS airsoft carbine I'm aware of. I looked at one a few years back, and remember it having a detachable carrying handle, which would make it a moot point to have any electronic components in there at all. By the way, they're not actually made by DPMS/Panther Arms - the company simply gave the manufacturer permission to copy their roll mark onto the airsoft guns.

What size battery does a cartier panther take?


How can you get a replacement for the REAR aiming thing on your airsoft panther arms a17 ris?

DPMS/Panther Arms isn't the actual manufacturer of the airsoft replicas - they've only given license for Cyberguns to use their logo on the products. So going to the DPMS website will be of no use to you. Most airsoft supply companies will offer something in stock, or will be able to order the part for you. A simple web search of 'airsoft suppliers' should do the trick, or you may even search for suppliers in your specific state. If you cannot find the original carrying handle/rear sight, or the parts necessary to replace it, there's always the option of BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights), provided you have a detachable carrying handle. UTG (also marketed as Leapers) makes these specifically for airsoft guns.

Why does my Panther Carbine MO4 Airsoft rifle not fire?

Take it off safe located at the left side of the gun above the trigger. Or if it is off safe and still not firing don't worry turn it upside down. If it fires then don't worry it's the clip not the gun, you just have to break in the clip. Which means firing it multiple times every five or ten minutes. It should work in a little bit.

Is the dpms panther arms a11 ris airsoft gun electric?

Yes. By the way, it's not actually manufactured by DPMS - they simply gave approval for their roll mark to be used on that product.

Why won't MC Sports ship airsoft guns to Michigan?

do you mean to a MC Sports store? because i got a panther arms kitty kat from them just a few days ago in brighton michigan.

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