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Yes.... if the person you are giving a BJ to has AIDS.


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what is the full form of ictc and pptc in AIDS

Baby powder can't form AIDS.

The term 'beejay' is the written out form of 'BJ' which stands for blowjob.

HIV is an early form of aids. Every one who has AIDS had HIV at one point.

AIDS stands for Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Cats can carry AIDS. However, it is a form of AIDS that is only transferable to other cats, not humans.

AIDS is a disease- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV is the virus.

No! Mosquitoes do not carry aids. Hiv is what u get from blood which turns for over a period of time will form aids so my answer is no!!

ask her for a bj ask her for a bj

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Yes. Just as humans can catch aids from certain animals.

What the drugs will do is to keep the AIDS virus in a dormant form. You can still give the virus, but you can keep the virus in a form in which it won't kill you.

A form of AIDS that can only be found in men.

BJ Forbes goes by Tolits.

Barney is a Trex and BJ is a Protoceratops

No, herpes is caused by a separate virus and is in no way related to HIV or AIDS. Sores, rashes, and other non-healing skin issues are symptoms of AIDS, but doesn't mean you have AIDS.

The full abbreviation of AIDS is Human immunodeficiency virus infection / acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Aids is a disease, an advanced form of a virus not a single celled organism like protozoa. therefore aids is not part of the animal kingdom

BJ Novak is a proud heterosexual who likes women!

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