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The HOST of the private server can get sued for a large fine, But not arrested.

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Q: Can you get arrested by playing Maplestory private server?
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What is a Maplestory private server?

A maplestory private server is a fake maplestory server which has made by another people. Usually in private server, you will get more EXP, Drop rate and Mesos

What are some Fun Maplestory private servers?

Sydney MapleStory is a good private server.

How do you get private server in Maplestory?

Download it.

How do you delete a Maplestory private server?

You can uninstall maplestory first then redownload it

Can you get banned for using a Maplestory private server?


What is a banner story?

Its a private server of maplestory.

What is the best Maplestory private server?


What is a good Maplestory private server?

Private servers are ILLEGAL. Maplestory bans all users that are using private servers.

Maplestory private server?

Maplestory private server is a another private server witch have to host same as runescape. You can find some more infor mation at if you need. I Hope i can help you :D

Which answer do you choose if you want to be a bowman in Maplestory?

Unless you are playing a private server, you cannot "choose" an answer to be a bowman. You have to go to Henesys and talk to Athena. If you're playing on a private server, just talk to Cody the Wizet Guy.

What do you do if your Maplestory private server crashes when you enter a channel?

Go to the regular Maple Story and get out of a Private Server.

Which Maplestory private server has the highest rates?

I think it's called "Angerchoas". I don't like playing on private servers, but I just know this piece of info.