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You can't get herpes from a swimming pool.

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Q: Can you get herpes from a swimming pool?
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Can you use the swimming pool if you have an outbreak of herpes?

Yeah. It's only communicable if you make out with someone...

Can you get herpes from a public pool?

Q: Herpes: Can You go Swimming if You Have it?""If you have Herpes Simplex 1 or 2 which causes Oral Herpes - Cold Sores or Genital Herpes then yes, you can go swimming." "Herpes is very easy to catch, but you need skin to skin contact to pass it to someone else." "As stated above, Herpes Simplex is only contagious via skin to skin contact. You can NOT get Herpes Simplex from going to the toilet, the swimming pool, the beach etc. You can only get Herpes Simplex from physical contact with the affected area of a person who has the virus."See below link:

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Can you swim while you are having a herpes outbreak?

Yes you can. Herpes doesn't float around in pool water and unless you have intercourse in the pool then, you're not likely to infect any one while swimming. To be on the safe side don't share towels or swimsuits.

Can herpes be spread in a pool?

No. The herpes virus is killed by the chlorine.

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