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My 1999 Honda Odyssey transmission went bad in 2005. The dealer replaced my transmission which was still warranty.. the warranty was lengthened to 100k miles because of problems w/these transmissions

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2006-09-05 15:56:12
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Q: Can you get new transmission for 1999 Honda Odyssey?
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Honda 1996 odyssey Transmission neutral safety switch?

install a new starter on and some time when i turn the switch on it will not start up what could it be

What is the song in the new Honda Odyssey commercial?

..."The Hellion" by Judas Priest

What are suggested services to prolong transmission life for 2004 Honda odyssey with automatic transmission?

Make sure the transmission is never (NEVER) overfilled! Bought one (HONDA Certified Used Car) with the extended warranty and all the service checks before getting out of the dealership. Seems the tech slightly overfilled the transmission when topping off the fluids and pressure built up in the transmission and cracked the case! Good Note!!--Honda took care of the cost of a new (remanufactured) transmission.

How much is a brand new Honda Odyssey car?

"The price of a brand new 2012 Honda Odyssey generally starts at $28,885. The dealer may have a demo vehicle used for test drives at a lower price than that."

What causes an auto to vibrate when going up hills from being at a complete stop?

We had exactly the same problem with our Odyssey. It was related to the transmission. Honda had a recall on the transmission and ended up providing a new transmission (at our installation cost). It seemed acceptable, since the van had 85K miles on it.

How much does it cost to replace transmission on a Honda civic?

The cost to replace a transmission on a Honda Civic depends on where the transmission is purchased, if it is new or used, and the charge of labor if any at all. Some used transmissions for a Honda Civic can start around $500. A new transmission can start around $1,700.

Where can one buy a second hand 2002 Honda Odyssey in New York?

One can buy second hand 2002 Honda Odyssey in New York from the following retailers: Ready Honda, Motor Parks, Cars, Car Gurus, Cars for Sale, AOL Auto, Yahoo Auto, Kijiji.

How do you replace rear window motor in Honda Odyssey?

The rear window motor on a Honda Odyssey is replaced by removing the cover screws, disconnecting the wiring harness, and unbolting the motor. A new motor can then be put in place and bolted in.

How do you replace a Honda Odyssey radiator?

To replace the radiator in a Honda Odyssey you have to drain the coolant out of the old one. Then you unscrew any fasteners and hoses and lift the old radiator out of the van. Place the new radiator into the vehicle, reattach hoses and screws, and refill with new coolant.

How much does a 1991 Honda Accord transmission cost?

New remanufactured from Honda around $3,000 installed.

Does a 1999 Honda accord requires a new transmission filter?

NO! The filter on your Accord is a non-maintenance item. It is inside the transmission and the unit must be disassembled to gain access to the filter. It is only replaced when the transmission is rebuilt. However, you need to change your transmission fluid every 60,000 miles. Caution!! Use only Honda ATF Z1 transmission fluid, and nothing else. Not a substitute or a universal fluid.

Is it expensive to replace a transmission on a 1991 Honda accord?

get new car

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