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Q: Can you get nit with obc rank 20000?
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In aieee your all India obc rank is 8000 in which nit can you get a seat?

You have a good rank and this could get you to almost every NIT

Can you enter nit trichy with state category rank 225 as obc candidate?

DEFINITELY U will get a seat in cse,eee

You belong to obc category and expecting 200 marks in aieee 2010 will you get nit?

ya u find some nit ,according 2 last year your expected rank 25ooo but this year question lavel is tough so u easily get it

Your rank UPTU is 36000 in OBC category can you take admission in good college?

my rank is 4488 in obc can i get govt school

Whether i would get admission in any NIT and i am a OBC bearing student and my all India rank is 10089?

sorry you cant. prepare for one more year.

What is rank of nit warangal?


What is the rank of nit warangal?


What is the difference bw overall n category rank in aieee?

Catagory rank is your rank in your category(ie - General, SC, ST, OBC). Overall ranking is your rank in all category, including, general, ST, SC, OBC.

How much rank get government colleges of uptu for obc?

how much rank required in uptu/

Which nit and what branch can you get your central rank is 19993?

depends on ur state domicile and rank all the best.still 19 is a good rank. u should be able to get a good branch in agood nit.

Which colleges can you get if your rank in uptu is 51592 in general?

I have got OBC-rank- 17444, which colleges is applicable for mechanical?

Which college you get on rank of 115000 general and 35000 in obc for b-tec?

i get this rank in SEE UPTU exmination. i want to which college i can get at this rank..