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I've been told yes but you have to become a pro and only get paid if you win

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Not in any way. It is a hobby and possibly a sport.

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Yes they can, and if the fps is high enough, then they can do some damage. So airsoft outside.

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Q: Can you get paid for playing airsoft?
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Who usually use airsoft guns?

It's usually uses by the players who are playing airsoft.

Do you a license for airsoft guns in NY?

it depends how old you are and if you are playing airsoft for a job instead of a hobby

Is playing airsoft a job?

No, there are no professional (for a living) airsofters.

How do you get good at playing airsoft?

Practice and go to lots of games.

How do you protect yourself while playing airsoft in the summer?

A good way to protect urself playing airsoft is by using glasses to protect your eyes, this is the most important. A thin shirt and some shorts will do.

Is there any airsoft playing fields in Florida?

Here is the website for Florida Airsoft. Im sure there maybe a link to find Airsoft Fields in Fl good luck.

Airsoft gun are they legal for minors in Washington state?

Minors are allowed to have airsoft guns as long as they are playing on privately owned propery with the owner's consent. BUT most airsoft stores will not sell to anyone under the age of 18

What airsoft plate carier will fit a kid?

Plate carriers do not come in childrens sizes. If you are worried about a kids protection in arisoft then they are not old enough to be playing airsoft.

What is the reccommended age for an airsoft gun?

any age i see kids as young as 5 playing i was 9 when i started playing.

Is playing airsoft legal in Florida?

As long as it is on your property or at a designated field then you should be fine.

Do you need a vest to fight with air soft guns?

No. Most people only wear vests to hold magazines and accessories they may need while playing airsoft. Other airsoft-junkies wear them to make airsoft more realistic to war.

Do players get paid for playing football for Ireland?

Yes footballers get paid for playing for Ireland.