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There is no way you can get pregnant by touch the sperm and then touching the inside of your virgina. The sprem have to travel a long ways in order for you to get pregnant.
You can touch it. However you should have the owners permission first.

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2011-02-16 00:21:00
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Q: Can you get pregnant by not having intercourse but touching the sperm and then touching the inside of the vagina?
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Can you get pregnant if you are about to renew your depo shot and get sperm inside you?

The only true way to avoid pregnancy is to abstain from having sexual intercourse,

Can a girl get pregnant a month after she has intercourse?

Not from the intercourse she had a month earlier. Sperms live 3-5 days inside a woman.

Can you get pregnant if you and a guy have been having intercourse for four days in a row and then he didnt shower cause he was staying at your house and you had intercourse with a condom on and off?

yeah. that is kinda gross that he did not shower. but if his sperm gets inside u then yes

If you had intercourse and little bit of sperm is inside of vagina but couple of days after your period comes down. can you get pregnant?

If this is a serious question, you should not be having sex. Please stay in school.

How do you make awoman pregnant?

Sexual Intercourse with the man ejaculating inside the womens vagina....and it may take years to make the women pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant from the urethra?

Absolutely not. The urethra carries urine from the bladder to the outside. The urethra is just above the vagina, inside the inner labia. So you can get urinary infections very easily from having sexual intercourse. And if you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant.

Can a women be pregnant eventhough the boy's sperm doesnt came out inside of the vagina?

Yes it is possible as pre-cum is released whilst having intercourse and it can contain sperm. Always make sure you use contraception.

Can showering after intercourse reduce chance of getting pregnant?

No. The sperm needed to fertilize an egg is already inside of you. Although it helps to lay down for about 1/2 an hour after intercourse when trying to get pregnant, getting up and taking a shower after isn't going to keep you from getting pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from intercourse while bleeding?

As long as the egg is still inside you and the man doesn't pull out or use protection, yes.

Can a female get pregnant if having intercourse but males penis was inside a cotton underwear but the sperms came out and the penis was fully inside the vagina?

Your question is a little unclear but I would have to say yes.If any amount of semen or pre-cum makes it's way into the vagina you can become pregnant. If you do not wish to become pregnant you should always use a condom and/or a reliable method of birth control.

How can a girl get a girl pregnat?

By having sexual intercourse with a man. The man ejaculates inside the vagina.

Why it is important to have a clean and tidy appearance before and after work?

having intercourse with your mother in law inside of a biffa bin.

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