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Yes, you can

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Q: Can you get pregnant even though you have irregular periods?
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Could you get pregnant on your last day of your period even if you have irregular periods?

Yes, You could get pregnant whether you have regular periods or not. But, If you have your period and you get pregnant it could lead to a miscarriage.

Can you be pregnant even though you are in your period?

No, you only release an egg in between periods.

Could I be pregnant at age 47?

As long as you are having periods (even sporadic periods) you can get pregnant. Even though women are into menopause they can go several months to a year before having another period and still get pregnant.

Had a long irregular cycle can you be pregnant?

not necessarily, irregular periods happen quite often, unless you have had unprotected sex. but a dramatic change in weight, or the amount you eat can also affect your period. Even stress can cause your period to be irregular or un-even.

Can you be pregnant even though you have your periods and underwent a tubal ligation?

The odds would be overwhelmingly against it.

I just got my first pack of pills i have pretty irregular periods and i don't know when i will get them next can i start the pills tonight even though i do not have my periods?

Around 8 - 80 and then you stop

Can you be pregnant if your period is late and you have pregnancy symptoms but an hpt was negative and your periods are irregular?

yes! a blood test can be taken and even with that sometimes there can be no sure way to prove your pregnant until the baby is moving

Is it true that if you keep on missing your periods over 3 months your tummy will swell even though you are not pregnant?


What happen if your periods do not start even after 30 days?

Especially in your first year of having periods, they can be very irregular. If you are sexually active, get a pregnancy test as you might be pregnant. And always if you're unsure, please see your nurse or doctor

Can a woman have a period and not get pregnant?

Menstruation is not the only indicator of a womans ability to reproduce. There are numerous other factors that could cause infertility even though a woman has regular periods. so to answer your question. A woman can have periods and still not get pregnant.

If you have a very heavy period then the next month a very light period are you pregnant?

Not necessarily. Periods are irregular, usually when you first start off but sometimes it happens even if you've had it for a while

How old can you be to not get pregnant?

well is usually late 40's 50's or even later, its when you have been though the 'change' when you stop having periods you no longer can get pregnant. :D

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