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If it drips down into the vagina, then yes, it is possible

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NO! a woman can NOT get pregnant with sperm in her butt. the sperm MUST be in the Vagina in order to get pregnant. the only way that she can possibly get pregnant from sperm in her butt is if some of the sperm gets in her Vagina.

Sperm has to come in contact with your vagina to get pregnant.

No; sperm is required to touch the vagina in order for pregnancy to be a possibility.

No. You can only get pregnant by having sperm being released into your uterus

no. you cant fertilize eggs through the butt hole.

No you can not you have to have intercourse in the vagina to get pregnant.

No, pregnancy only occurs with vaginal intercourse.

You cannot become pregnant unless semen/sperm comes in contact with your vagina.

it takes sperm and a egg to get pregnant and none of those can be find in your colon so no.

No, it does not. It only makes your tummy bigger if you get pregnant. :P And if you do get pregnant, your breasts and your butt grow with your tummy...but on its own, nothing of the sort.

No. The only way to get pregnant is to be impregnated, and that means having a sperm cell fertilize your egg, or ovum.

you can get pregnant by having sex with a guy. he has to put his penis into her Virgina and has his sperm go into her and she then get pregnant.

Yes, Yes, YES, If sperm is placed inside of the vagina, your chances of becoming pregnant are extremely high.

Penis, Vagina, Sperm, Egg, Baby.

If sperm came into contact with the vagina, yes

No. You can only get pregnant by having sexual intercourse, where sperm enters the vagina.

by having a sexual intercourse with a man(obviously), a girl can be pregnant. The egg cell is not located in our trachea so it is impossible for a girl to get pregnant by driniking sperm.

Sperm should not come in contact with your hands if you are trying to get a girl pregnant. Sperm should enter the female's vagina during ejaculation while having sex.

Yes. If the girl has reached puberty* she can get pregnant from sperm.To reach puberty for a girl means to start having periods.

its probably having a period if it's a girl or maybe its pregnant.

a woman cannot get pregnant by having "cybersex" only the admission of sperm in a woman's vagina.

You get pregnant by having sperm entering your vagina so no.

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