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It's not high risk, although you could.


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The pullout method is the most unreliable method of birth control. Pregnancy is always a possibility - be protected.

If you miss one dose of your birth control you become more fertile.So the answer to your question is yes if you miss a pill and have intercourse you are more likely to become pregnant.

If you are taking your birth control properly (same time ever day/night, not missing pills, not using antibiotics, etc) and use the condom properly it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will but there is a small smidgen of possiblity that you could get pregnant.

There is a low risk of being pregnant. You will need to use a condom for 14 days to build up the level of protection you are getting from birth control, before having unprotected intercourse again. Continue taking birth control daily.

If you forgot to take your birth control pill the night before and you take it the next morning instead, what could happen is that you may not be protected from pregnancy. You should use another form of contraception, such as a condom, for the next 7 days if you want to prevent pregnancy.

As no birth control is 100%, and as it apparently didn't exist for one night, then yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant.

Birth control is 99% effective IF taken properly. This includes taking it the same time every night, not missing any PILLS, not taking anti-biotics etc. Each time you miss a pill or, are taking anti-biotics etc, your chances of becoming pregnant increases.

When using birth control its to protect you from sex so that you will not get pregant and yes you will still continue to get you period

You can certainly take an extra birth control pill without causing any problems. However, your question suggests that you think you're not protected during the placebo pills. That is not true. If you have taken the previous pills in the pack correctly, you are still protected during the placebo week. Please contact your health care provider to get a better understanding of how the pill works and the level of protection you can expect from it.

Yes you can, weather he ejaculates or not, there is still precum (he has no control over this at all), precum contains sperm and sperm can impregnate you.

As long as you are not taking the birth control pills different times each day consistently, you should still be protected. The good thing is that you did not forget to completely take the pill. You were only an hour late, you are fine. However, to be sure that pregnancy does not occur, continue to take your birth control pills at the same time that you were originally taking the pills, every day at the same time.

No. It is only a problem if you forget to take your pill more than twice. Though if you have a problem remembering to take your pill you should think about taking another type of birth control.

If this is your first ever pack you shouldn't be having unprotected sex until you finished a full pack. The birth control is only effective after a month ( a whole pack ) and you should never rely on "the pull out method".

Yes, the birth control pill will be effective at any time that you choose that is convenient for you. However, you must take your birth control pills everyday at the same time in order for it to remain effective.

yes you are pregnant and your about to give birth to two babies you need some rest

It will increase the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. So use another contraceptive like a condom if you have to, until the next cycle and don't forget to take the pill.

If you have regular periods having sex just before them is unlikely to get you pregnant likewise having sex during your periods under normal circumstances also wont make you pregnant.

Taking the next birth control pill early does not impact effectiveness. Taking it late may.

Use birth control if you don't want an "instant family."

yes, especially if you take it at night. try taking the pill earlier in the day or eating after you take it at night

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