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yes you can anytime you stop taking your Birth Control you are increasing your chances to get pregnant. And also to you can get pregnant while on birth control sometimes

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Q: Can you get pregnant on your week off from birth control?
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Is it possible to become pregnant after a week off the birth control pill?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you do not take it every day.

Can you get pregnant if the birth control patch fell off?

Yes, if you had sex after the birth control patch had fallen off, you could get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant off your birth control shot?


Can you become pregnant a week after going off the pill?

Yes. Even on birth control you can still get pregnant. Just a week after going off the pill its not likely, becasue you'll still have the hormones in your system but definatly still possible.

What is the best way to get pregnant on birth control?

Get off the birth control would be the place to start...

If you have been on birth control for years and then change can you get pregnant?

Yes, because your off birth control...

Can you become pregnant after a month off birth control?


Will birth control cause a withdrawal period even if you are pregnant?

You get a withdrawal period AFTER you go off birth control.

Should you take your birth control patch off daily if you want to get pregnant?

If you want to get pregnant, you should stop using the birth control patch altogether.

Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control?

Hi, Your question is: Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control? Once you begin ovulating again naturally after coming off the pill your fertility level will be just the same as it was before you started birth control and will not effect your fertility. Once that you come off birth control, Yes you can get pregnant because it is still very easy to become pregnant. If you take your last birth control pill that makes you have your period, and that last day that you have your period, and you have unpertected sex, YES you will conceive.

If you have been off the birth control for two weeks and are on antibiotics can you get pregnant?

yes you can get pregnant but you have to be careful

What if you took yourself off of birth control?

You could get pregnant easily.

Do you have a higher chance of getting pregnant right after getting off of birth control?

No, you may get pregnant straight away but you may not get pregnant for months, the chances are about the same as if you had never been on birth control.

If your on birth control and the condom slips off in side of you and there's semen in it can you get pregnant?

Yes you can. Take a test a week before your periods due that is the earlies you can tell

While on depo what time is the best time to try to get pregnant?

FIRST, if you are on depo, you shouldn't be trying to get pregnant, as it is a BIRTH CONTROL drug. Not only because its obvious if your taking it your avoiding pregnancy, but also if you get pregnant while on birth control, or after getting off birth control, it can lead to defects, miscarages, and other things that are a direct cause of being on birth controll. To be safe, you should get off birth control if your planning to become pregnant, wait a year, and then start trying. Of course, consult your doctor, but this is what i know. From experience my cousin miscaried when she became pregnant 3 months after birth control because of the birth control.

If you stopped taking your birth control is that easier for you to get pregnant?

It may take awhile for the hormones of the birth control to wear off after you stop taking it. Once the effects wear off then you should be able to get pregnant as you would normally.

Can you get pregnant being off the shot for a month?

Anything is possible. You can get pregnant on birth control. So being off it a month..of course its possible.

Can you get pregnant if you take off the birth control patch?

Yes, if you stop using the patch as directed, you could get pregnant.

You got off birth control 2 months ago can you still get pregnant?


Can you get pregnant as soon as you come off birth control?

Yes. It has been shown that women can get pregnant the same month that they stop taking birth control. I know a girl who got her IUD removed and was pregnant three weeks later.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you have been off the depo shot for a month and only took one week of birth control pills and had unprotected sex 5 times?

all women are different. I was on it two years with not one period. I tried for six months after stopping the depo and finally went to the Dr. the had me do 3 months of birth control to regulate myself. I did get pregnant the first month off of birth control though. did you have a period during your depo?

If a teen girl doesnt take her birth control for a week can it throw off her period?

it depends on what birth cortrol it is

How often do you have to use the birth control patch?

Normally you use the birth control patch for seven days, changing it each week for three weeks. On the fourth week, you leave the patch off.

When should you take off the birth control patch if you want to get pregnant?

You can stop the patch at any time if you want to get pregnant.

Can a person get pregnant after they get off of birth control pills?

Yes, you can get pregnant. While on the medication, the pills help you control or reduce your chances of getting pregnant. However, how soon you might get pregnant differs from woman to woman.