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Of course! Yes, the infection does not affect your fertility.

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Q: Can you get pregnant with a yeast infection?
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Related questions

Can you be pregnant and be on your period and have a yeast infection?

You cant be pregnant if your having a normal period. But you can have a yeast infection during a period.

If you have a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

yeast infections have nothing to do with being or getting pregnant

Can you have a yeast infection and still become pregnant?

Yes. A yeast infection will generally not affect fertility.

Can you be pregnant and have a yeast infection?


Does getting a yeast infection mean you may be pregnant?

No, a yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of normally growing fungi and has nothing to do with whether you are pregnant or not.

If you have yeast infection it is possible to become pregnant?

Yes, but yeast infections can be dangerous whilst pregnant

Can you get a yeast infection while you are pregnant?

Yes. You can get a yeast infection at any time. Ask or discuss it with your doctor.

Do yeast infection kill off sperms?

Absolutely not! You can get pregnant and also give the guy the yeast infection.

Can you be pregnant if you have yeast infection?

A yeast infection is not a symptom of pregnancy but is something some women experience, pregnant or not. If you've had sex you could be pregnant, a pregnancy test is the best way to determine if you are pregnant.

You had a yeast infection and got it taken care of and now you are discharging normally is there a chance you are still pregnant?

if you were pregnant before the yeast infection and took care of it, you would still be pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant with a yeast infection?


A few days after ovulation you got a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

You could be. But the yeast infection would not be a result of being pregnant. Yeast infections after ovulation could be a result of high estrogen levels.

Can you get a yeast infection while your pregnant?

yes. most common

You are pregnant and your yeast infection wont go away?

Go to a doctor and get prescription medication. Yeast infections can be extremely dangerous if you're pregnant.

Am 21 weeks pregnant and your vaginas itchy why?

Probably a yeast infection

When you are pregnant can you get a yeast infection?

Yes, and it can cause life-threatening systemic infections if you are pregnant. Get it checked by a doctor.

Can you be pregnant and take a test an it say negative if you have a yeast infection?

No that is not possible no matter what the test will tell you if your pregnant or not.

If you get yeast infections can that mean you are pregnant?

Yes, both my pregnancy started as a Yeast Infection as my primary sign...I sustained my yeast infection for a whole 9 months with my last pregnacy! Good Luck!! Fingers crossed for you!

Can you get a yeast infection at 3 months pregnant?

yes - thrush can be quite common

I am 39 weeks pregnant and i have irritation and itching in my vagina?

You could have a yeast infection.

My vagina is very itchy I'm pregnant What could this be?

probably a yeast infection.

Why do you have so much discarge?

This may be because you are ovulating, are pregnant or have a yeast infection.

You think you may be pregnant but you have this white liquid coming out of you can you be pregnant?

yes, you should see a doctor. you may have a yeast infection and be pregnant

Brown discharge but not pregnant?

If you are certain you are not pregnant, there is a possibility of a urinary tract infection as this can result in brown discharge. Another possibililty is a yeast infection or your being is about to arrive.

What should you do if you are pregnant and have a yeast infection?

Call you OB and ask which yeast infection medications they recommend, as far as I know you can use all of the over the counter cream type medicines to clear up the yeast infection ~pawsalmighty ps.. avoid sex until the infection is cleared or you will get it back again.